10 Reasons you should avoid Smartphone to your Children
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10 Reasons you should avoid Smartphone to your Children

Smartphone are of course convenient for every one due to its latest and advance technology. No doubt technology has done a lot to compose our lives easier and more efficient. New technologies always generate unintended uses. Most of the parents are allowing their children to use the Smartphone and children are using it with great interest. Move with the technology and is good but it has some limits. Using the cell phones affect the lives and also relations. It became necessary part for the new generation they can’t imagine their lives without cell phones. Here are 10 reasons you should avoid Smartphone to your Children.

  • Parent-Children Relationship:

We are aware that the Smartphones are best and convenient but it changes the bonding that is supposed to be the strong bonding between parent and child. Children are growing with the fast growing era and you need to maintain and establish your relationship with them. With Smartphones they are more active and always connected to others so you should update yourself for instant answers for those questions that might be asked from the children’s side. This will assure children about your active position.

  • Smartphone limited creative minds:

The games and solved problems and many other special features which are interested for the children are available in the Smartphone limit the creativity and their minds and imaginations also stop thinking or became slower. Children found the platform where they can easily access to the latest games due to Smartphone.

  • Smartphone Causes them to get less Sleep:

Smartphone in your child’s bedroom can cause them to get less sleep. Children need to be getting plenty of sleep it is essential and best for their health. Smartphone in their hands or in their room is not good for them. Rest is necessary for the next day’s activities but use of cell phone during night wouldn’t help him to attain the next day’s task.

  • Smartphone stop their actions:

Smartphone always engage the kid in their favourite apps and it doesn’t give the time to reflect or learn about. It will limit them in a boundary that they are not trying to do any kinds of action in their regular lives.

  • Smartphone impedes their ability to learn:

The use of Smartphone impedes the children’s ability to learn. According to the researchers Smartphone is harmful to a child’s social economic development because it diverts the child’s attention.  According to other findings that the use Smartphone’s interactive screen time could also weaken or impair a child’s skills of development that is important and needed for the subject math and science.

  • Smartphone causes an addiction:

By engaging in Smartphone children could not do any activities, Smart phone could become a cause or source for an addiction. This type of addiction engages children’s minds and catches or captivates them for a long time.

  • Negative impact on Child’s mental health:

According to the experts and researches, amongst the reasons of the depressions and anorexia in children is the use of the Smartphone and also the connection to the internet. Internet and Smartphone put the negative impact on their mental health.

  • It Causes obesity:

The too much use of cell phones also affects the physical health of your child. If your child spent much time with the Smartphone and don’t take a part in any kinds of sport activities than it will cause for the obesity. The overuse of technology is now a issue for causing obesity.

  • Change in Behavior:

Spending more and more time with the Smartphone is enough to cause the problems of emotional and social. The games and different apps available in the Smartphone increased risk of attention problems.

  • Children Violence:

Through the cell phone children are exposed to violence in games and also through the cyber bullying on the chat sites. Children easily accept the violent behaviors.

 by reading 10 Reasons you should avoid Smartphone to your Children now you can take the better view on your child’s behavior and you also can change your attitude towards them. Here in this above mentioned article”10 Reasons you should avoid Smartphone to your Children” not only base on these reasons but it has many more reasons that you observe in your practical life and you can judge on that time what you should do better for your child.


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