10 Worst Inventions
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10 Worst Inventions

From the development of TV to the rise of the internet, few of the most influential devices of the past decade have managed to identify importantly societal requirements and fill the gaps, but while some inventions didn’t fulfill the needs and it remains in the list of worst inventions ever, it is true that for every good inventions or for behind good invention ideas, a list has been compiled, the worst of the worst. Here are the 10 Worst Inventions is going to share with you for your fun and also for your knowledge.

10 Worst Inventions

Baby Cage:

In Washington a patent was recorded by a woman Emma in 1922, for a literal cage meant to hold an infant, which could be placed outside windows in high rises and buildings or apartments in general. The cage was designed and distributed to the members of the Chelsea Baby Club in the states of London and England which seems to have one of the some places where they were actually used. Some people count baby cage in the list of Worst Inventions.

baby cage

Pay Toilets:

In beginning of 1970s US hosted tens of thousands of coin-operated pay toilets. In case of even you have 5o $ bill but no coins, as Ira Gessel observed that you had no relief. Urinating in public in the society is an offense that may get you arrested, so Gessel felt it essential to rid the nation of pay toilets once and for all. CEPTIA was founded in America was successful. In midtown, New York two new pay toilets were installed in 2011, and people are happy by getting option. In case of your time up, however, your pants better be, too, because the doors that locked automatically slide open.

pay toiltes

Banana Slicer:

The poplar Banana Slicer is generally meant to make chopping bananas a breeze. It makes because people typically don’t take or carry other utensils capable of cutting bananas it is pretty nifty.

banana slicer


Using Microsoft Office, go back to 90s and early 2000s this clippy used to appear at the down side or bottom of your screen, it is appear to assisting you with your work, the reality is it was diverting the users rather than assisting them, with different non purposeful options and suggestions coming in front telling you what to do and type.


Remote Wrangler:

Remote wrangler is mainly a ski with Velcro that you can attach or stick your remote, it is made to save your time by searching the remote or loss it, but in real sense no body wants to wear their remotes. The presence of is completely ridiculous and the man who invented it has lost touch with reality.

Remote Wrangler

The DVD Rewinder:

In the olden days it was a big pain to rewind VHS tapes, with DVD rewinder you can see below there is a spot or site and they even have merchandise. It informs to say we have few minutes left in stock and we also do not plan to continue production after 2009. On this planet we don’t want live anymore.

DVD Rewinder

TV Hat Personal Theater:

To enjoy a good movie some time you wish to block out everything, but it can be difficult to do this, having the same purpose TV Hat Personal Theater invented, to give the buyers a motion picture experience.  You can watch a movie in public by have this anywhere.

TV Hat Theater

Umbrella Rain Tube:

Umbrella rain tube will protects you from the rain with this purpose it was made, but it can protect you but it won’t be save you from getting mocked on the street with carrying the umbrella tube.

rain tube umbrella

Agent Orange:

A toxic chemical initially referred to as (HO) Herbicide Orange, Agent Orange was invented by the Defense Department of U.S as a defoliant to clear Vietnam’s thick forests for good visibility from the air. Thought it succeeded in its purpose but it is in the list of worst inventionsbecause its results were devastating on human, mainly it caused cancer and birth defects among Vietnam’s people and it had affected the troops of U.S as well.

agent orange HO

Air Conditioned Shoes:

These shoes made for the purpose to provide additional or extra fresh air in your sloe, these air conditioned shoes has a pair of holes in inside, the maker of these shoes claims that this item has “unique filter technology”, and provide the fresh air in your sole.

air conditioned shoes

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