14th February Valentine’s Day Marked as Lovers Day
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14th February Valentine’s Day Marked as Lovers Day

Many countries of the world celebrated Valentine’s Day on 14th February every year. 14th February Valentine’s Day marked as lover day. Valentine’s Day is unofficial holiday and it is mostly widely celebrated all over the world. A lot of Functions arrange in many places, gifts and greeting cards exchanges with each other. Special flowers, Bucket, cakes and many more are the special elements which consider the essential parts of this day. Special dresses with special colors for someone special are the main priority for the person who involve in love.

History of Valentine’s Day

14th February marked as lover day has the several histories. Different people has the different believes about Valentine’s Day but the commonly and most famous history about 14th February Valentine’s Day that this day is belonged to the person St. Valentine. Saint Valentine belonged to the state of Rome. St. Valentine was a Roman Priest. At that time in the state of Roman the marriage is prohibited for the soldiers and the reason which was behind this edict which was

ict he performed some marriages of the soldiers due to this he was sent in the prison. This is the short history of the St. Valentine you can find many histories related to this about the Valentine. Saint Valentine’s this performing wedding of the soldiers was considered the act of disobey of the Father and for that reason he was sent in the imprisoned.

This Festival of Valentine’s day is celebrated to spread the love. People say that on this day we spread the feelings of love we share our emotions and we believe that there is no loss and there is no argue should be exist by spreading the love and emotions. The arrangement of celebration of Valentine’s Day starts many days before people arrange musical program, they arrange some parties at hotel and a lot of things are planned for this day.

given by the Father O’Gara was that the unmarried soldiers fought better than the married soldiers. Married soldiers might have fear for losing their love one like their wives and their kids. St. Valentine against on this ed

Valentine’s Day and the Muslims

The history of Valentine’s Day was in the Roman times it is not in the Islamic times and this day belongs to Christians not belongs to Islam. Islamic festivals are clearly defined in our Holy Quran. We aware of our festivals and we also know what the teachings of Islam are.

As we know that the world is moving very fast and we can easily communicate anyone in the world any time by our one click. World becomes the Global Village and communication becomes easy like we can touch the cell and we can connect the person. So our new Generation does not aware about our religion but they aware about the communication they have the many sources through which they can easily stay connect with the person. Parents are struggling day and night for the better future of their children they make possible to give every facility to their child which is better for their child. We know that we are Muslims and we have the clear way we have the clear concepts of life. Our Holy Prophet showed us every way of life he set the best example of life. He gives us the Holy book which is the best guidance for us. We have all the things which are essential for a best life. If we follow the life of our Holy prophet and if we follow the Quran we can spend a best life.

We the Muslims also involve in the celebration of this day. Most of the boys and girls celebrate this day they go out with their so called love.  They don’t know what Islam says about the relation of the male and female? They just know their false love they don’t know what the teachings of Islam is. In our Religion there is no space of love before marriage. Real love starts after Nikah.

It is our parents and our Elders responsibility that they first give the complete knowledge about Islam and explain every aspect of life in the light of Islam. If they have the complete knowledge and information about their religion then they can easily follow the path of Islam. Our new generation get attracted this type of occasion because they don’t know about their own festivals and their history.

If Valentine’s Day celebrated all over the world it doesn’t mean that we also celebrate this day. They celebrate this day it is their wish and it is their religion and their believes but there is no space in Islam for this type of celebration it is consider a sin in our Islam that a girl and a boy meet with each other like this way.

In the last I want attention from my Muslim brothers and sisters that only follow the teachings of Islam. Our Holy prophet and Holy Quran is enough for our best life. If we act according to Quran and Sunah we will successful in this world and also in the Day of Judgment. We don’t need any particular day for express our feelings and love and emotions. If we have a fair relation according to our Islam then we have love, feelings and emotions in our relation.

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