20 Informative and Interesting Facts about China
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20 Informative and Interesting Facts about China

China, an ancient, mysterious and beautiful country, China has the long and rich history, its vast and diverse territory endows the state with some of the most natural beautiful scenery on earth. One of the iconic symbols of the country is “The Great Wall of China”, the longest wall in the world, now a day due to its beauty and development China becomes the most popular place for photography destination. China has many amazing and interesting facts and things to discuss, here are 20 informative and interesting facts about China:

20 Informative and Interesting Facts about China:

1) China has the largest standing army in the world and second largest defense Budget.
2) China is the largest exporter of the world and second largest importer of the goods.
3) 1,400 years ago, the world’s first paper money was made in China.
4) Over 35 Million people in China still lives in Caves.
5) Nearly 700 Million Chinese drink contaminated water.
6) The National Sport of China is Table Tennis.
7) In China the PlayStation is illegal.
8) The World “censorship’ is censored in China.
9) For Internet Addicts, China has treatment camps.
10) 90% of the groundwater of the Chinese Cities is polluted.
11) 20-year old 20 Million trees are cut down every year in China to make Chopsticks.
12) In China, Facebook has 95 Million users, despite being blocked.
13) From China, Brad Pitt was banned for his role in the movie of “7 years in Tibet”.
14) In China, cockroaches are served fried.
15) World’s biggest mall which is in China is 99% empty.
16) Since 2009, The New York Times and Twitter have been blocked in China.
17) The world’s largest producer of Cigarettes Company owned by the Chinese Government.
18) Million people in China live on less than 1 US$ per day.
19) Almost a third of San Francisco’s air pollution causes by China.
20) It is mandatory in China that cosmetic products are tested on Animals.

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