world earth day 22 april

22 April World Earth Day

On 22 April World Earth Day is marked on every year. This annual event celebrated worldwide to express the importance of the support for the environment protection.

History of the Earth Day- the Idea

The history of the earth day started in the era of 1970s. In 1969 after observing the massive oil spill in California, Santa Barbara, Gaylord Nelson was inspired to unite or organize a national “teach-in”   means that focused on educating the common people about environment. Nelson got the idea for a national day that focused on the protection of the environment.

Denis Hayes graduated from the Stanford University and a politically dynamic personality, Nelson recruited him as a national coordinator and for the post of chairman Nelson persuaded Pete McCloskey who is U.S. Rep. of California. They have 85 staffs, they were in the position to rally. Alost 20 million people support this rally across the United States on 22 April 1970. People took the streets, auditoriums, and parks to demonstrate for the healthy and pure environment. Thousands of universities and Colleges held protests about the deterioration of the environment.  People gathered in public places to discuss about the environment and also discuss the ways to protect the planet.

They had the groups and these groups were fighting against the spill of oil, power plants and polluting factories, toxic dumps, raw sewage, freeways, pesticides, about wilderness loss and extinction of wildlife. These reflections caused to mark the World Earth Day.

Message of the World Earth Day

Earth is the planet where we are living and this is the beautiful planet as life exists here, the message of the world earth day is clear that the place where we are living is important for us in a every manner, it is our home so should keep it healthy and save. As we know that the technology is becoming the more fast and we are moving this fast era with the uses of these technologies. As we are moving fast we are facing the environment problems, these problems is increasing day by. To spread the important information and protection of the planet this day has become the one of the most largely celebrated day as all around the world. Events, festivals and many other activities are held in the different region of the world, it is due to spread the awareness and gives the message about the importance of earth. In this modern era our earth is facing the problems of global warming, environmental issues and overpopulation, these problems are the major problem, for resolve these problems we should perform our duties sincerely and if every person fulfill the responsibilities on their place and shares their duties with cooperation of each other than with this little step we can expect a big change. To celebrate earth day on a particular date isn’t enough because our planet need the protection every day. If we neglect the requirements of our planet and let the things be as they are, and not performing our duties than we should ready to face the problems in future because anything happens in the world it will affect on us. As an example or to open our eyes about the matter of the earth, cyclones, in the forests of Australia sudden fires, flash floods, Tsunami, earthquakes these things are enough for us.

In the last want to add that not only celebrate the earth day also make it possible to do small step every time that will be beneficial for the planet, by doing some small things which we think is good and best for the planet do it because these small things from every persons can brings the biggest change for our planet.

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