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23 March 1940 Youm-e-Pakistan historical day

23 March 1940 youm-e-Pakistan historical day for the Pakistan because this day brought the biggest change for the Muslims of Subcontinent. The Journey for the Muslims of subcontinent moved fast after this Resolution. Pakistan Resolution 1940 commonly famous as Qarardad-e-Pakistan was the greatest day for the Muslims of Subcontinent.

23 March 1940 an important date

23 March 1940 an important date for the Pakistan. In Pakistan on 23rd March we celebrate “Youm-e-Pakistan” every year. 23 March 1940 was the date when the Resolution of Pakistan has passed. This Resolution gave the splendid result in the shape of Pakistan. Pakistan was the dream for the people of subcontinent. To achieve their dream in the face of separate homeland the Muslims of Subcontinent did sacrifices.  This country where we are living is our homeland and it is due to the determination, persistence struggle, hard work of our leader’s and sacrifices of our people. Allama Iqbal the poet of the nation also forced for the separate homeland for the Muslims of India. In Allahabad address 1930 he clearly demanded a separate state for the Muslims of subcontinent. Allahabad address the remarkable and historical address of Allama Iqbal. On 23 March 1940 in the leader ship of Quaid-e-Azam and many other leaders at the Minto Park Lahore we clearly demanded the separate homeland for the Muslims of Subcontinent. On 23 March 1940 Muslims from different areas of Subcontinent gathered at one place they found one platform for their future. They were very conscious and their aim for the separate homeland becomes essential for them. They didn’t want to go back they had aware about their reality about their self respect.

Pakistan Resolution is the day of pride for the nation. On this day our feelings and our emotions are at their high level because of importance of this day. 23 March 1940 is a notable and extraordinary day for the Pakistani.

Pakistan Resolution is being celebrated with full of loyalty emotions and joy every year. On every year in Pakistan this day is celebrate with great keenness and interest to memorialize the most outstanding and wonderful success of the Muslim subcontinent.

In schools, Colleges, Universities and many other educational departments held the programs to celebrate this day. Their plan for celebration starts from many days before.  They organized many types of items relate to this day. They organized speeches to recall the memory of this day they organized dramas to show the reality of this day and also showing the emotions and feelings through the drama. They also arranges the national songs for rise the feelings and emotions. Many institutions organize such kinds of activities to memorialize this day.

On 23 March to give the honor and to mark 23 March 1940 Armed Forces is held Pakistan Day Parade in Islamabad every year. Armed Forces show their talents and their special activities on this day to show the importance of this day and also proved that the demand of the Muslims of Subcontinent is true. 23 March 1940 has the great significance importance in the lives of every Pakistani. 23 March was the day when Muslims of Subcontinent recognized as a separate nation. They wanted their separate homeland on the basis of Islam, they wanted to spend their lives according to Islam they wanted an Islamic state where they free from any restriction. They wanted the state where they could lead their lives according to their culture and traditions and its roots joined from the teachings of Islam.

In the last but not the least I want to add some words that if we really want to protect our country from any kind of danger from any kind of destruction we have to unite ourselves we have to stand against the problems and against the people who are spreading violence in the society we have to fight against those person who is responsible for creating such kinds of propaganda against Pakistan.

By realizing the importance of this day we should promise by ourselves that we should not do anything which is not suitable for our country. We should make promise that we will not accept anything wrong, injustice terrorism and we should fight against these kinds of things. If everyone takes a small step on their place and perform their act rightly than our country can easily overcome the problems that now a day Pakistan is facing. We will stand our country in the list of the successful and developed countries of the World.

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