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2nd December “World Computer Literacy Day”


World Computer Literacy day falls each year on 2nd  December. The purpose for celebrating this day is to increase the awareness about the information technology. The world becomes the global village and we are aware about the every happening and every second’s of news about the world. We can easily communicate the people all around the world, we can hear them we can see them, all these happen only due to modern technology. Due to internet we have all the facilities. Internet provides us each and every info about the world. For development and progress of the country computer literacy is very important. Computer has become a very precious source and it is essential to have the knowledge about computer. It is very essential for every country to enhance their generation’s knowledge in the field of computer and provide them every kind of facility to get knowledge about computer.

If we look over the brighter side of the achievements of the computer we realize that behind the every developed country there is a strong technology of computer. They have fast means of communication. Due to the source of internet there are an advantages and disadvantages of it so we should have the knowledge about it. Many institutes offer many short course and details course about computer. Study of computer made essential in the course.

It is not a wrong to say that the present time is the time of computer so for the progress and communicate with the modern world we should have the knowledge and we have the strong skills on it.

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