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3rd December First Human Heart Transplant


First Human Heart Transplant

This is the era of modern technology, we are spending very easy life, all these facilities due to the modern inventions. In the field of medical a lot of amazing, unbelievable and successful work had done and still more and more search work is continuing. Long before no one could imagine about human to human transplantation. World’s first human to human heart transplantation successfully done by Dr. Christiaan Barnard.

In the history of medical science the first human transplant did on 3rd December 1967.Louis Washkansky dying from chronic heart disease, his age was 53 years. He belongs to South Africa. Lewis Washkansky received transplant from Denise Darvall 25 year old women who was fatally injured in a car accident. This transplant performed by Surgeon Christiaan Barnard. This was the first human heart transplant. Louis Washkansky died from double pneumonia after 18 days of surgery but Lewis new heart had functioned normally until his death.

Doctor Barnard continued to perform heart transplant operation. Even today heart transplant successfully continue to be perform but the difficult things is that to find an appropriate donor.

On every year 3rd December “world first heart transplant day” is celebrated. The aim to celebrate this day is to rise about the transplant and also aware them to save others life by donating. Because the most difficult thing is to take the decision the donate our beloved organs.

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