5 Easy Exercises to keep your eyes Healthy
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5 Easy Exercises to keep your eyes Healthy

Exercise is very important to keep our body healthy and active. The common thing about exercise is that we go for walk or have some healthy and hygienic foods, we exercise our legs, arms and also some other parts of the body but have anyone ever thought of exercising of the eyes? Eyes exercise is very important and good for the health because by doing some easy and simple exercises we get the best result for the health of the eyes. Different steps of exercises improve the health of the eyes, some steps will improve the vision, and some helps to reduce tiredness or strained of the eyes, other steps will correct a lazy eyes or blurred vision. In short eyes exercises help you to reduce your common eye problems and give you the best result. Here are 5 easy exercises to keep your eyes healthy.

  1. By Closing your eyes:

Before say anything about this step here it is important to tell you that appropriate amount of sleep are necessary for the eyes and also for the health. You close your eyes for few minutes and place your fingers over each eyelid move your finger for 2 seconds and press lightly then release, to be careful that don’t press too hard as gentle as you can. Repeat this step 5 to 10 times.

step one closing eyes

  1. Rolling your eyes:

This step is very easy and best for your eyes, by rolling your eyes will improve your vision and eyes health. First you roll your eyes to the left in a circle and repeat this step 5 to 10 times. Then roll your eyes slowly to the right in a circle and repeat this step 5 to 10 times.

2.	Rolling your eyes:

  1. Crossed-Eyed:

To cross your eyes is one of the best exercises of the eyes but it can be a little bit pain for you but the result is outstanding, when you are doing it as a prank you are actually improving your vision. For this you should pick a slim or slender object like a pin or pen to focus on, and then hold the object with an angle in front of your face, slowly keeping both eyes on it, when it reaches close to your nose slowly move it back to its place, repeat this step 5 to 10 times.

crossed eyed

  1. By using your hands heat your eyes:

In this 4th step you use your hands to give the heat to your eyes it will help your vision to improve. First you rub the bottom of your palms jointly or together to heat up it then press gently your palms over your closed eyes, holds for 5 seconds, repeat this step 5 times.

4.	By using your hands heat your eyes

  1. Refocusing eyes:

In the present era a large number of people are attached with the computers work, using computers are so common, and we are aware that the computer screens can really strain the eyes. If you feel that your eyes getting tired or you feel the pictures on your screen going a little bit blurry then you need some relax and do the exercise. You look away from your screen select an object that is 100 feet away from you and another object 25 to 30 feet away from you, watching the object that you select, put your thumb front of your face and focus on that object that is 10 feet away from you. After this switch to second object that is 25 feet away from your eyes, go backwards from there and look at the object 10 feet away from your eyes, put your thumb back in front to your face and focus on the object, repeat this step 5 to 10 times.

Refocusing eyes

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