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5 October Teacher’s Day

5 October Teacher’s Day declared by (UNESCO) the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization, decided in 1994 and the celebrating the great step taken for the teachers on October 5th 1996.  The concept behind marked this day is to raise awareness to the importance and respect of the teaching profession at the international level. This day celebrated on an annual basis. In many states, Teacher’s Day is considers a very special day for the appreciation of the teachers. Teacher’s Day celebration date is vary from sates to states but the theme and purpose of this day is same as to give love, respect and appreciation for the teachers.

Teaching is a noble profession and teachers are the most respectful person of this profession. Teachers play leading role for the nation, they create future for the country.  Teachers give do hard work and play the important role in the development of the children. Great teachers empathize with kids, love them and believe that every child has something special that can be built upon.

Teacher’s Day aims to raise awareness of the role of teachers that teachers play all over the world. Teachers have the biggest responsibility for the future generations and this responsibility is not a light it’s job. They give their full attention to the every kid and every kid has the unique personality that should grow on the right path. Teachers show the right and wrong ways of life, they differentiate between them. By celebrating this day we support their dedication and struggle of teachers.

The Teacher’s Day is an opportunity to realized and acknowledge our teachers not only one day but throughout the year, on this day we say special thanks to our teachers for the significant contributions that they make to build personality of a child.

Different events are held in many countries around the world to honor the teachers. The day also may marked by the conferences to highlight the importance of teachers. Moreover some international organizations organize the great events at Teacher’s Day. Teacher’s Day marked every year globally but it is not a public holiday on this day. Students are sharing their feelings and respects for their teachers on teacher’s day. They give their teachers flowers, gifts and cards on this day. Now a day due to fast packed world students send Teacher’s Day quotes and Teacher’s Day wishes through the cell phone or through the social media to the teachers.

Teacher’s Day in Pakistan is also celebrated on 5th October annually since 994. Pakistan is a Muslim country and in Islam the teaching profession is noble profession and Islam gives the respect to this profession more than any other profession. Islam has paid considerable attention and respect to the teachers for being the first brick in the structure of the development and perfection of the society. Teachers are indisputably their students’ exemplars. Students acquire the good traits and sound trends. The celebration of Teacher’s Day in Pakistan aim to mobilize support for the teachers and make sure that the needs of the future generations will surely continue to be met by the teachers.  We all respect and appreciate this noble profession and have great respect and love to the teachers.

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