50 Amazing and Interesting Facts
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50 Amazing and Interesting Facts

Amazing and interesting facts always attracts everyone. Our world is a fascinating place and full of amazing and interesting facts that might have been never realized were true. From a small creature to the huge one, from a small part to the huge part, from a beautiful to a weird one, we can see many things. Here in this post 50 amazing and interesting facts stuff for you check out.

  1. If you write ‘Zerg Rush’ on Google search bar, Google will eat up all the search results.
  2. Human brain is more active during sleep than during day time.
  3. Soldiers from any state salute always with their right hand.
  4. Left lung is smaller than right lung to make room for the heart.
  5. U cant’ tastes the food unless your food is mixed with your saliva.
  6. Human saliva contains a painkiller which is called ‘opiorphin’ and it is 6 times more powerful than morphine.
  7. Putting sugar on a wound or cut, it reduces pain and also speed up the healing process.
  8. Humming birds are the only bird that can easily fly backwards.
  9. 85 percent of plant life is found in the ocean.
  10. Fire generally moves faster uphill than the downhill.
  11. A duck can’t walk without bobbing its head.
  12. Gold never erodes.
  13. Skin is the largest organ that making up the human body.
  14. Black on yellow are the two colours with the strongest impact.
  15. Apples are more effective fruit at waking up you in the morning as compared to coffee.
  16. Ants stretch at their wake up in the mornings.
  17. Brazil is named after a tree.
  18. Most sensitive finger is index finger.
  19. A hardly boil eggs can spin.
  20. Flamingos can easily bend their knees backwards.
  21. Grasshoppers have white blood.
  22. Horses sleep standing up position.
  23. There is no butter in the buttermilk.
  24. Shark’s teeth are as hard as steel.
  25. Crocodiles are colour blind.
  26. Rain contains Vitamin B12.
  27. Bananas grow pointing upwards.
  28. The Atlantic Ocean is more salty than the Pacific Ocean.
  29. Bull’s can run faster uphill than downhill.
  30. Giraffe has the highest blood pressure than any other animal.
  31. Mars appears red in color because it’s covered in rust.
  32. Kiwi birds are blind.
  33. Human body’s thigh bones are stronger than concrete.
  34. Oak trees do not generate acorns until they are fifty years old.
  35. Right lung takes in more air than left lung.
  36. In human body most active muscles are in the eye. The most common disease face by human is tooth decay.
  37. Men have 10 percent more red blood cells (RBC) than Women.
  38. Sharks are immune to all the known diseases.
  39. Sharks never stop moving even that they are sleep or rest.
  40. 10 percent taste buds are on the insides of cheeks. (Rest of are on our tongue).
  41. Carrots contain 0 percent fat.
  42. Dirty snow melts faster than clean snow.
  43. ‘Fan’ is the shorter form of ‘fanatic’.
  44. The most sung song worldwide is Happy Birthday.
  45. 90 percent of all the volcanic action occurs in the ocean.
  46. 72 percent people eavesdrop.
  47. Jellyfish don’t have the brain.
  48. The most popular colour of toothbrush is blue.
  49. Every living thing on this planet earth contains carbon.
  50. Dragonflies have six legs but cant’ walk.

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