5th of February Kashmir Solidarity Day youm-e-yakjheti
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5th of February Kashmir Solidarity Day

On 5th of February Kashmir Solidarity day (youm-e-yakjheti) marked in Pakistan every year. Jamaat-e-Islami proposed this day in 1990 in Pakistan.  The basic purpose to mark 5th of February Kashmir Solidarity day (youm-e-yakjheti) is to show the unity and brotherhood with the people of Indian occupied Kashmir. On 5th February a national holiday in Pakistan. On Kashmir day in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir rallies are held and the people of the country participate in these rallies to show their love and care with the Kashmiri people. People from the world where the Pakistani and Kashmiri are living are also held the rallies and they protest and force the United Nations Organization to solve the Kashmir issue.

Kashmir is the most beautiful place that everyone says that “Kashmir is Heaven on the Earth”. The beauty of Kashmir is stunning and attracts everyone because it has beautiful valley, many beautiful rivers, the amazing trees, fresh water lakes, streams and waterfalls and many other adorable and charming places which are purely natural beauty of this country. The religion of Kashmiri people is Islam. Kashmiri people are loving and devoted. They are fighting their war of freedom. Kashmiri wants to become the part of Pakistan and they shows their love with their deeds specially they celebrate 14th august our independence day and it is enough to show and  declare in front of the whole world that Kashmir is the Part of Pakistan.

The issue of Kashmir has started from the day of independence of Pakistan. At the time of partition according to the announcement those areas where the Muslims are in majority will be in the side of Pakistan. In Kashmir the Muslims are in majority it should be the part of the Pakistan and it was the wish of all the Kashmiri to become the part of Pakistan but the Raja who ruled on Kashmir at that time he wasn’t in favor of Pakistan and he did not want that Kashmir become the part of Pakistan. Raja did not accept announcement about the Kashmir. He is in favor of India. He announced that Kashmir was on Indian side this wasn’t according to the law but he did it and due to his deceived the issue of the Kashmir still in hanging position.

The Government of Pakistan many times raised this issue in the United Nations Organization and also in many places Pakistan has clearly said that freedom is the right of Kashmiri and let solve this problem in the peaceful atmosphere because war is not the solution. Pakistan wants to solve this problem by discussion that Kashmiri select their future by their selves through the voting. Pakistan ready to cooperate with India every time but India never agrees to talk about this issue. In occupied Kashmir Indian army killed the innocent people, arrest them without any reason, damaged their properties, many women injured and raped and a lot of kids become orphan. Both countries president and prime minister met with each other and have the debates and discussion about the Kashmir issue but all these are useless and no result come out from their meetings because the issue is still on that position.

Pakistan faced war from India 3 times. It was happened many times that India attacked on Pakistan without informing but we defended. In 2nd war between India and Pakistan in 1971, in this war Pakistan lost East Pakistan now become Bangladesh. India never accepts Pakistan that’s why India always tries to create the problem for Pakistan. If we will check out the history we could see the role of India clearly that India always created the issues for Pakistan. Pakistan has cleared in the UNO that the issue of Kashmir should be solving by the wish of the Kashmiri and they should decide that with which country they want to become the part. India knew it very well that Kashmiri will go on Pakistan’s side because Kashmiri are in favor of Pakistan that’s why India not to ready to solve this problem by discussion or debates or voting.

The Kashmiri are fighting against the India for their rights and freedom because the people of Kashmir did not accept and not agreed the illegal occupation on them. For the freedom of Kashmir their people struggling from the day one. They started armed struggle because in Kashmir India has committed many human rights violations and still doing it. The condition and situation on the people of Kashmir in their own country is pitiful that they can’t move freely in their own country they can’t celebrate their religious festival in their own country. In Kashmir the political parties always raise their voices in the seminar and conferences that held all over the world.

In the matter of Kashmir the relation of India and Pakistan wasn’t good in past and still time to time this relation changes some time it become good and some time it’s not. We know that India and Pakistan both country has the atomic power that means that both country is strong country in the defensive point of view. So the war is not the solution of this issue. Only discussion can solve this matter. United Nations Organization should take the fair step that they give the opportunity to the Kashmiri’s that they select their destination of living.

Pakistan is always sincere in the matter of Kashmir that the Kashmir issue should be solve by dialogue and so many time Pakistan invited India to talk in the peaceful atmosphere but India always avoid taking a part in these types of meetings.  Pakistan has said again and again that Kashmir is the country of Kashmiri’s and they are the arbiters of their fate. Pakistan always has the positive attitude in the matter of Kashmir.

On 5th February we Pakistani show our feeling and love to our Kashmiri brothers and sisters through the rallies, through media and newspaper we salute their struggle we salute their sacrifices for their rights. We have these feelings for the people of Kashmir not only especially on Kashmir Solidarity day but we have the same feelings all the time.

Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the father of the nation has declared that,

“Kashmir is the jugular vein of Pakistan”


5th of February Kashmir Solidarity day youm-e-yakjheti
5th of February Kashmir Solidarity day

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