AirBlue support naming new Islamabad Airport Tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi

AirBlue support naming new Islamabad Airport Tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi

Renowned Humanitarian, Social activates and the great man Abdul Sattar Edhi recently passed away, he was suffering kidney problem since long time. Edhi’s death left a huge irreplaceable void of in the hearts of Pakistanis. After his death nation demands tribute for him, as an online petition demands new Islamabad Airport to be renamed after Abdul Sattar Edhi. AirBlue support new Islamabad Airport Tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi.

Air Blue’s Board of directors on 8th July 2016 passed a resolution, paying tribute to greatest humanitarian and iconic social worker Abdul Sattar Edhi. The Board advised the Prime Minister of Pakistan to title the new Islamabad International Airport as “Edhi International Airport”. Further to this resolution AirBlue Board Management has announced donations of PKR 100 Million for Edhi Foundation.

CEO of AirBlue Mr. Tariq Chaudhary said,


“Naming the New Islamabad AirPort as Edhi International Airport would be a lasting tribute and confirmation of the values he consistency demonstrated during his ifetime”

This tribute to Abdul Sattar Edhi would be a small gesture of gratitude for him for his phenomenal efforts towards humanity. The under construction New Islamabad Airport is scheduled to be completed by beginning next year.  The petition is receiving significant number of signatures that will be delivered to Prime Minister for a decision.

Simply in the case of merit no one deserves more than Mr. Edhi after whom this airport be named. Abdul Sattar Edhi’s services to the humanity are unmatchable and this tribute is very small that we give to the legendary man.

He started from humble beginnings, he was famous to stay true to his roots and focus or pointed all his energy on his great humanitarian work. Abdul Sattar Edhi never made a home for his own children, Edhi’s work was so widely respected by across Pakistan, not only in Pakistan but the entire world.

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