Are Smartphones Going to Die? What will be the Future Then?
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Are Smartphones Going to Die? What will be the Future Then?

Perhaps it sounds strange but it’s true that smartphones are going to be dead in five years. Will every smartphone be wiped out? No! Instead, the modernization will come from new areas, not in terms of hardware but the way we interact with devices will be changed entirely.

So, What’s Next?
All of us use Smartphones to make a call, watch movies, play games or send messages. All these things will remain the same but the innovation will actually take place in software which will make it smarter and more personal. According to the reports, Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple’s Siri and AI (Artificial Intelligence) will be the heart of it.

For a while it appeared like Mobile Phones will be replaced by the wearables. But a powerful battery and super-fast processors don’t seem to available in something like a smartwatch to make it an excellent substitute. Well, if the processor and a battery can be overcome, the display will never be going to be big enough to work on multiple apps or play games. That leaves VR and AR as prime candidates.

If Wearables Not, Then What?
Wearables, as we see, cannot fully substitute a smartphone since it was designed as a single device to replace all existing ones such as mp3 players, phones, cameras, voice making devices, etc. There will have to be various devices used again to substitute a smartphone, but it makes no sense. However, we can replace mobile phones with in-body computers.

An alternative future is shown in the S01E03 from the “Black Mirror.” You say that every individual will have an integrated chip in future that records all activities, memories, events, and people on the screen. In addition, these chips track the condition of health and can be used for communication between individuals.
Though the implementation of such technology can leave an impact and remove phones from our routine lives but are you ready to live in a world like this? Are you ready to lose your personality and make steps available for the others? Will you be fine to become like a robot? We don’t think so and by the way, the main character removed a chip from his head when “Black Mirror” episode ended.

Will VR And AR Get Hype?
It’s our educated guess that if the idea of VR and AR becomes more popular, smartphones will make a comeback – very much like smartphone brand Nokia. Frankly speaking, smartphones will not die completely as old technologies don’t die, they just become innovative more and more.

What Else?
Nowadays, discussion of this type is quite popular on different forums but we have divided that idea into five different stages.

• 2018-2019: That is where we are standing right now. VR and AR both are getting popularity day by day and it seems that it’ll soon become an aspect of a smartphone app i.e. tracking and navigation. Smartphones like Google Pixel 3 and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 can already function as VR viewers if you connect them to the headsets.
• 2019-2020: The smartphones will become foldable. Huawei and Samsung, however, already released their foldable devices that are listed at to compare their rates if you are interested to buy one.
• 2020-2025: numerous aspects would be changed and will entirely be different from what they are today. VR devices, watches and smart glasses will be everywhere.
• 2025-2035: Today’s smartphone in 2025-2035 will become an accessory of wearable and it’ll be used to project holograms.
• 2035-2050: This is the time when smartphones will be replaced completely by wearable devices. And those wearable devices will be loaded with Artificial General Intelligence.
Wrapping Up
Without a doubt, technologies are getting advanced more and more day by day. For instance, it was quite hard to imagine working together with numerous people across the world. But now, the world has become digital and smartphones are one of the pieces of evidence. And thanks to them, one can stay online wherever he/she is. Aside from all the facts, reports, understandings and thoughts, a smartphone doesn’t seem to be dead at least 2 or 3 decades. What do you say?

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