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 In Karachi the examination of SSC has been started in the month of March 2016.The students are busy to give their best in the exams, they are doing hard work. All the papers of class 9th and 10th has issued after the approval of the responsible persons of the Education Department. The proof reading and checking of the papers are essential and the Board of Secondary Education Karachi is responsible to check it carefully before sending it to the Examination Centers, question paper must be rechecked by the different members of the board because the question paper is the most important part of the examination, to make it sure that paper should be without mistake and easy to understand by the students. If the question paper is not easy to understand then it will affect the students mind and students got confuse as a result of this their energy and their important time may be lost. It will also affect on their percentage.

Board of Secondary Education Urdu Normal-Paper of 10th Class 2016

Here I am talking about the Urdu Normal-Paper of 10th Class 2016.  On 13th April 2016 according to the Schedule of examination the paper of Urdu has been given. In the last question of the essays section, take a view the topic is showing in the paper,

 paper urdu class 10th

Now you can better understand where is the mistake? “Doulat, Ilm say behtr hay”, this is the topic given to the students to write an essay. How The Board of Secondary Education justify this topic? Which type of essay we expect from the students side? We are aware that our Education Department did these kinds of blunders again and again but even how no step taken from the concern departments.

Through the news paper explanation has been given about this topic but the result is same the topic is useless and meaningless. Many examination centers have changed the topic as “Ilm, doulat say behtr hay” and yes this is the genuine and perfect match, this is the real topic on which students can write a good and best essay.

Through the News paper also point out the mistake, The Daily Ummat News Paper,

urdu paper class 10th

In the last but not the least I want to add some lines to the concern department that before sending anything from your education department make sure that your stuff and material will be perfect and without mistakes. Education department is the symbol of the quality and standard for the country, so the department should be perfect and according to the standard, because our future depends on education.

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