China close to creating an artificial sun on Earth
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China close to creating an artificial sun on Earth

China is economically well developed and strong country. China has worked so hard to become the developed country of the world. The success of China is showing all over the world. From small technology to the biggest technology the invention of China you can see very where. Here in this short topic we could not discuss about the development and success of China because China has the greatest history behind its success and development. In the present time another outstanding work of China is discussing around the world and that is china close to creating an artificial sun on earth. Have you ever imagined about the sun on earth? The answer is defiantly no, but this is true in the field of science, Chinese scientists effort to create an artificial sun on the earth. In Hefei at the Institute of Physical Science the Chinese Scientists achieved something great and spectacular. They are creating a temporary artificial star, the star that is three times hotter than the core of our sun.

China close to creating an artificial sun on Earth2


In the 1950s inventions by the Soviet scientists, the reactor officially known as the EAST (Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak), features a huge metallic doughnut-shaped chamber is twisted into a shape of eight. The researchers were able to utilize the reactor to create the temperature of 50 million Kelvin that is 49.999 million Celsius and maintain them for the seconds of 102.  The inner of our sun is estimated or calculated around 15 million Kelvins.

This biggest project cost 300 million Yuan ($37 million approximately). The main reason behind this biggest project to be attempted is to solve the fundamental problem of the present time that is energy crisis problem. This is the major problem of the present time. Scientists are attempt to creating more and more energy for the use in the machines.

On heating of a mixture of gases of two types of hydrogen that is deuterium and tritium, nuclear fusion works, plasma subsequently forms around 100 million Celsius degrees. In the 1940s era scientists has fascinated by this particular type of power and a planet quickly depleting its fossil fuels, now scientists work on it and it will be the best alternative power source for the future.

As compared to the fossil fuel-based counterparts, fusion reactors and their produced energy are more beneficial, they are free from carbon and they are not producing nuclear waste. The most significant side about it that they are extremely proficient, according to the Culham Centre for the Fusion Energy, in this manner 1kilogram of fuel produced is equivalent to 100 million kilograms of fossil fuels.

The result of EAST project research will be important for the International Thermonuclear Experiments Reactor.

China made artificial sun

The research work is still continue and Scientists ponder over it, currently no interior has been produced which can withstand such an amazing temperature for more than a few minutes. The biggest challenge that the scientist faces is how to sustain a temperature that the three times that of core of the sun for the long enough time to be workable source of power.  China close to creating an artificial sun on earth by solving the energy sustain problem. This is the problem that requires the solution soon.

This amazing news that China close to creating an artificial sun on earth becomes the famous topic and the whole world is waiting for the success of China to this remarkable work.



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