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Coronavirus- Covid-19

News about deadly Coronavirus-Covid-19 spread over the world. The first case of Coronavirus appeared in China’s city Wuhan. In December 2019 at the end of the year a virus name corona was appeared and everyone is in shocked. This virus spread person to person that’s why China has taken the decision to complete closed the city. No one can enter the Wuhan city and no one can go out from that city. The reason is that this virus is spreading very fast.

Day by Day number of cases rises, not only China is facing this issue. Although china is the center point of Covid-19 but now this case virus is effecting other neighbor countries of China. Now we can see the news that multiple cases Coronavirus arises in different countries.

Due to the situation so many countries took the decision to cancel the flight from china and other affected country. at the airport screening system updated and without proper screening no one can travel to the other country. Coronavirus- Covid-19 affects the world. China’s Wuhan city is complete shuttered no no activity can see there and business goes down. People are afraid due to the virus and they confined themselves in their houses and apartments. Markets closed, Schools, colleges and university complete closed.

If we are taking about other countries, we come to know that they are not too much affected but there economy is getting down due to cancel flights, business meetings, events, functions other kinds of activities which is held for the business purpose. Due to this virus people avoid to go the crowded places. everyone on their place has the fair about the virus. 5 star hotels, exhibitions, functions all things that are pre-planned now cancel due to Covid-19.

Social Media posts about Coronavirus-Covid-19:

It is fact that people around the world misguided each other about Covid-19, no one is actually have the real information about this virus, wrong information spread mouth to mouth or people share wrong post through social media. Every one is trying to post about this virus without confirmation about that disease. Sharing on social media something is very easy and become a trend whether the information is not real. Please share only actual information about anything. whatever you get from social media first confirm it than share it.

How Coronavirus affected?

China is the country where this disease first started. A detail information about Coronavirus out from China. The doctors research on the coronavirus patients and they said that, people who suffered some kinds of diseases are at higher risk as compared to the people who are healthy and not suffered any kind of diseases.

According to the them the people who are at higher risk of getting Coronavirus, Older adults, in this list people who have suffered serious chronic medical conditions, like, Diabetes, Heart Disease, Lung disease. It doesn’t mean that these people will surely affected by Coronavirus, it is the information shared by the doctors. This is for the safety of the people.

Why you should know about Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is deadly virus and it spreads so everyone should know about this virus, number of people and off course countries affected by this virus, so there are so many fake news about this disease already circulate in the media. In this situation everyone wants to know the actual and real news about this disease. Already strong platform of social media such as, Twitter, facebook, YouTube, Tiktok and multiple other sites have posted number of misleading posts about this virus. People without confirmation shares these posts within a seconds. to control this situation and stop spreading these fake kinds of posts Facebook is trying to fact-check these postings. YouTube,Tiktok and Twitter have also taken steps.

How Coronavirus Spreads?

Coronavirus spreads person to person. if a person affected by Covid-19 and other person in close contact with that person, than it can be transfer or affect the other person. if the affected person sneezes and droplets produced it will also affect the other person.
it is also possible that a person get infected by Coronavirus by touching or rubbing a surface or other object that has the virus, if any one touches that surface and after that touch his/her own nose, mouth or possibly eyes.

What are the Symptoms of Coronavirus?

People are not fully aware about the symptoms of the Covid-19, they ask other people and search What are the symptoms of Coronaviru? About the symptoms of covid-19, affected person feel cough, fever, shortness of breath, and these symptoms may appear in the patient 2-14 days after exposure.

Prevention And Treatment Covid-19:

The bad thing is that no medicine is ready to cure the coronavirus. Doctors and scientist struggle for the medicine to cure this disease. The best way to prevent Coronavirus is to avoid being exposed to the coronavirus. everyone should take the precaution.
* Try to avoid too much close contact with sick people.
* When you feel sick stay at home
* When go outside avoid to touch objects, after touching any surface don’t touch your nose, mouth, or eyes.
* Wash your hands when you meet other person or touch any thing outside.
* Use Face Mask, sometime its not work.

Can a Mask stop Virus?

Wearing a face mask against Coronavirus disease is certainly not an iron-clad. wearing a mask and you think you safe isn’t right it doesn’t mean you won’t get sick. As already mentioned above that these virus can transmit through the eyes also and very tiny viral particles, these tiny particles called aerosols and it can easily penetrate masks.

No doubt masks are useful and effective at capturing droplets, and can safe a person but it is also fact that it tiny particles easily penetrate from the masks. Masks are crucial for health, it safe spreading disease, all the social care workers look after their patients by using mask. Masks are useful for both the carer and the patients.

* Spray and clean regular touched object or surface.
* Try to update yourself about this disease and visit the authentic news site.
There is no particular antiviral for the treatment of the Coronavirus. People who affected with Coronavirus should get supportive care for their help relive symptoms. in case of severe Covid-19 treatment should include full care to support vital organ and functions. it is notable thing that the people who knows that they are affected or may have been exposed to Covid-19 immediately should contact to their healthcare center.

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