Counter Measures for India’s propaganda against Pakistan; Pakistan

Counter Measures for India’s propaganda against Pakistan

Counter Measures for India’s propaganda against Pakistan; Pakistan

Today, Pakistan once again facing critical situation. Once at a time in last 2 decade we were going to be the Asian tiger. Not only our economy was stable but we were developing in science and technology. But after the incident of 9/11 (USA-World trade centre attack) when America came to Afghanistan, A new wave of terrorism rise and cover the whole region specially destabilized Pakistan’s peace.

During the war against terror not only Pakistan bear the economical lose of 106 billion dollars (estimate in 2013) but more than 60,000 Pakistani lost their lives. Not only the factor of TTP (Tehrek-e-taliban Pakistan)  appears but the voice of Baloch separates rise not only in Pakistan but in all over the world.

  • It is very much clear that who is involve in spreading terrorism in Pakistan. India have four consulates in Afghanistan and according to intelligence sources, Indian secret agency RAW is not only funding the militants but they are giving them proper military training as they did in 1970 (Mukti bhani’s militants of East Pakistan).


  • Tto prevent the international pressure and to take financial assistance from friend countries. Through a proper diplomacy we can take help from Saudia Arabia. Relationship with Turkey from last 3 to 4 years was really good and Turkey can give us support on international forums. Bilateral relation with China is most important, we can take the help of China in UN because China has Veto power and China will veto all the propaganda resolutions against Pakistan.
  • We can also talk to Iran to stop invasion in Balochistan, it is proved through intelligence report that Indian agency “RAW” is involved in Balochistan. If Iran doesn’t respond then here we can take the help of Saudia Arabia an other Muslim countries to put pressure on Iran to solve this problem regarding security of Pakistan.

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