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Denise Darvell “The world’s First heart donor”

Denis Darvall

“The world’s First heart donor, she also donated her kidneys”

There is a lot of person in this world are remembered still today after their death due to their special and unique and master piece of work. Denise Darvell is one of them. Her name in the history of medical science is always remembered because she is “The first heart donor of the world”. Denise Darvell also the donor of the kidneys.

Denise Darvell lived in Cape Town,South Africa. Her family is her father,mother and her younger brother. She worked as a bank clerk. She has the great interest of designing and making her own clothe.

On 3rd December 1967 on Sunday, her family invited at afternoon tea at friend’s house. Denise like to drive, she had new car. Denise nd her brother Keith in the front and Mr. Darvell and her wife was at back side. On the way they decided to buy a gift for the friend. Denise and her mother got out the car and crossed over to the bakery while her dad and bro waiting in the car. When they were returning to the car with the cake they were both knocked down. Mrs Darvell was killed instantly, whereas Denise thrown across the road, an ambulance arriaved and took her to the hospital.The name of the hospital is “Groote Schuur Hospital” in Cape Town.

Denise was rushed in to the Emergency room. Her brain was badly damaged.Brain specialist confirmed her injuries were too severe, she wouldn’t survive. Mr. Darvall had already been told that her wife had died on the spot and now he was being told his daughter would not survive because her brain was damaged. Mr Darvall was asked about the transplantation and the hospital could use her heart and kidney to save the lives of other patients.

Mr Darvell could not make the decision at that time, He only took few minutes and in this time he remembered her daughter like to giving the things to the other people, so he decided and say yes.

“Well doctor if you can’t save my daughter please do save the other patients”

Denise heart was received by the recipient, his name was “Louis Washkansky” and her kidney was received by a young boy.

Denise becomes the first heart donor in the history.

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