East Pakistan-Dhaka fall 1971
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East Pakistan -Dhaka Fall 1971

East Pakistan, Dhaka Fall 1971, the incident not happened sudden there was a complete planning behind this incident. The separation of East Pakistan is bitter truth for us but we have to accept this truth because behind this there was the wrong step or mistake which was taken in the past. We have the separate homeland but it has the history that for this homeland our leaders and the Muslims of Subcontinent sacrifice their lives. Pakistan came in to being on 14th August 1947 from that day till now we are facing a lot of problems. We are trying to reduce the problems. The East Pakistan is the biggest lost of our country. The separation of East Pakistan gave the grief. Quaid-e-Azam who made freedom possible for us and gave us the separate homeland to live, but the incident of East Pakistan hurts every Pakistani because we love our Bengali brothers and sisters and we wanted to live with them one basis of equality and wanted to stay one nation but due to some our mistakes and some external interruption it could not possible to stay with each other, the East Pakistan become now Bangladesh.      The causes of separation of East Pakistan are:

Causes of separation of East Pakistan:

On 14th August 1947 we received freedom and got a separate homeland named “Pakistan”. But on 16 December 1971 after the war we lost our one hand that is East Pakistan. The separation has many causes which are following:

Geographical Location

The distance between East Pakistan and West Pakistan was 1600 Km, India and sea was between them. This distance becomes the barrier among them. The people of both parts could not come closer with each other. India also played the negative role between them. Creating misunderstanding and propagate negativity among them. India was taking the advantage of this distance. India did propagate against the West Pakistan and it was affected on the people of East Pakistan.  The people of both provinces not lost their confidence about them.

Social Structure Difference

There problems of the people of the both provinces were different with each other, that’s why they could not mixed up, they could not understand with each other. The behavior of the government officers of East province was good and friendly with their people and they were very close, they tried to solve the problems of their people on the other hand when any government officers from West province elected in East province their behavior wasn’t good, they didn’t like friendly attitude they like to kept the distance between people and their status. That caused to create the feelings of negativity in the hearts of the people of East province. This attitude forced them to think about their rights that their rights were neglected and government was not giving their real positions tom them.

Language Issue

Language issue created a problem because the people of East province against the selection of the national language. They were against the policy of government. Many Bengali students lost their lives due to the language issue. In this situation their feelings almost changed and they start hating. Like other issues language issue diverted their mind and they showed their feelings against the West Pakistan.

Martial Law

We know that after creation of Pakistan we got a lot of problems but our leaders not counted the problems they were tried to solve those problems. We received Pakistan in two portions East Pakistan and West Pakistan. Every step of decision left impact of both provinces. In Pakistan martial law takes place again and again and this created feelings of uncertainty in the people of East province. Due to Martial law democracy could not flourish. Martial law becomes the barrier for the democracy.

Economic Deprivation and Propaganda

The Bengali leader Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman was the head of the Awami league. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman gains the supports from the Bengalis in East Pakistan. He created the propagation against the West Pakistan. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman spread anti West Pakistan Feelings and he did hidden dealt with the India. India not accepted Pakistan by heart, from very first day of independence and now he against the Pakistan. India always supports anti Pakistan movement. All India Radio telecast the programmed which is based against the West Pakistan people.

Anti-West Pakistan Movement

Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman the leader of the Awami League proposed six points that demanded more autonomy for the provinces and East Pakistan.  This six point’s proposal had rejected the other political parties. He started a non-cooperation movement. The movement of anti-West Pakistan was inciting the people of East Pakistan. This movement created the conflict between them.

Provincial Autonomy

East Pakistan wanted a provincial autonomy and their demand didn’t realize at that time. They were in majority we had to realize at that time. If we accept their demand on that time then today we are one nation.

Conspiracy in Educational Institutions

In the Institutions of East Pakistan most of the teachers were Hindu and they were in majority. They prepared a lecture against West Pakistan and they delivered that lecture as the India are true friend of the Bengalis and the West Pakistani and their people are not favor of them. They created the difference in their minds and in their hearts. Due to their lecture which was against of West Pakistan their generations grown with the feelings of negativity about West Pakistan. This was a great difference which their Hindu teacher created in the hearts of the people of East Pakistan.

International Conspiracies

India wanted to separate East Pakistan from West Pakistan. In East Pakistan the population of Hindus is almost 1, 00000000. India was taking the advantage of their people who were in the East Pakistan. The Hindus who were living in East Pakistan for their protection and stability India Supports them this is the reason that India wanted to separate East Pakistan from West Pakistan. Many Indians who lived in the East Pakistan but they were working for the India against West Pakistan. Not only India many other countries also against West Pakistan. They worked toghter in the conspiracy against Pakistan. Infact when India attacked on Pakistan they were with the India they didn’t supports Pakistan. In the separation of East Pakistan if we deeply observe the history then we realize that in this separation international conspiracies also did a major role.

General Election of 1970-Mujeeb-ur-Rehman’s Majority

General Election of 1970, Sheikh Mujeeb-ur-Rehman’s Awami league won with heavy mandate in East Pakistan.  Awami League becomes the popular party in East Pakistan and Mujeeb-ur-Rehman becomes the popular personality in East Pakistan, Bengalis following him because he was fighting for the rights of Bengali. Their demand was increasing after getting success in election, but their demands were rejected by the army officers.

In East Pakistan Military Action

The situation of East Pakistan after the election of 1970 was become terrible. Their demands for their rights were crossing the level and people could not ready to give up. In this situation our leaders didn’t try to solve this matter with patience, they didn’t sort any kind of convenient and positive solution. They took military action. Army officer decided to control the situation on behalf of force means that by taking military action they can end the Awami League with their aim. The army tried to stop their activities and force them to quit they did many action against Awami league. They banned on Awami League. This type of action bent them against the army. They are ready to loss their life but not ready to stop their aim. They started their struggle with weapon against the army. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman arrested during this struggle. Their fight for their rights wasn’t stop.

India’s attack on Pakistan

India always wished to attack on Pakistan for this India always tries to find the chance. As the result of military action on East Pakistan many leaders of Awami League escaped from the country and went to India for the shelter of their lives. India supports them and gave them place to live. India starts interrupting in the Pakistan’s internal issues. India started propaganda that due to millions of refuge in India, they could be risk for India. India considered that the military action on East Pakistan was also the attack on India.

Mujeeb-ur-Rehman made an armed force named “Mukti Bahini”. This force started war against Pakistani army. India also starts attacking on Pakistan. On December 1971 war started against India and Pakistan. In this war no internal support of East Pakistan and not a proper arrangement with Pakistan. Pakistani army was facing major problems that they didn’t have any internal sympathy and favor with them.

State of Bangladesh

In this war Pakistan lost its one hand that was East Pakistan. It was the great setback to the Pakistan. Pakistani army surrender themselves. On 16 December 1971, state of Bangladesh appeared. Mujeeb-ur-Rehman becomes the first president of Bangladesh on January 1972.  Pakistan recognized Bangladesh on 22 February, 1974 at the Islamic Conference in Lahore.

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