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Expo 2020 Dubai, why choose Dubai, the magnificent city of United Arab Emirates is Dubai, words are not enough to define its splendor. Once anyone enters here Dubai’s beauty and attraction speak itself, the magic of this city it bound you. Its beauty is not only lying its skyscrapers or its urban beauty, fact is that Dubai is the city that is the fusion of cultures, its traditions, its belief and the most important is that its celebration style, it has always unique style of celebration, people from different regions of the world come to see the celebrations and festivals of this beautiful city.

The beauty of Dubai is famous and especially known for its occasional festivals, which you can observe and enjoy throughout the year. Take just one example that is a Global village, yes Global village is a very interesting event in which you can enjoy different countries or nations of the world combine in the event and showcase their talent and distinct villages.

Burj Al Arab Hotel Dubai is the symbol of beauty and standard, this is the famous and well recognized tallest hotel, its interior attracts you an outstanding combination of its location will amaze you, you see the beauty of the ocean in front of your room’s window. You will facilitate with great hospitality, you feel awesome to stay here.

The beaches of Dubai are also famous and you can feel and enjoy the real happiness over here. A lot of interesting things for entertainment are providing for the service of visitors. We can say that the beaches and hotels also consider the beauty of Dubai.

When you appear in Dubai you can not stop your self to go to Burj Khalifa, yes the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa consider one of the greatest beauty of Dubai, here you can see the dancing fountain water along with music give you the true happiness, every day so many people go there to see the immense view of this place multiple advertisements on the building of the Burj Khalifa. Another beauty of Dubai is Burj Khalifa Dubai Mall.

This mall is the main shopping center for all, here you can find almost all the branded items of the world, not only shopping plaza but also the entertaining things you will found here to see. Dubai Dino is the attraction for the visitors and it has complete Dino history written on the wall. Upcoming great project of Emaar is displayed at the structured model in Dubai Mall,

Desert Safari is also considered the most attractive journey for visitors, people from around the world specially come to feel the journey of desert safari, in the night you can enjoy there BBQ and other fantastic things. Dubai has a lot of remarkable things to be defined, in short, it has wonderful hotels, beautiful beaches, grand malls, desert safari, Quran Park, Ice land, and so many things that call you to experience yourself.

Another milestone is going to connect with Dubai, the biggest event of EXPO 2020 is going to held in Dubai. EXPO 2020-Dubai, will increase the value of this city is so high and this great event makes this city more attractive for the visitors. UAE has won the bid of EXPO 2020.

How Did Dubai Win Expo 2020?

How did Dubai win Expo 2020? Millions of people share their ideas, showcase their talents, encourage collaborations in this event, it is a global destination to celebrate human ingenuity. Dubai wins the bid of EXPO 2020 in Paris, after winning the announcement of the expo 2020 Dubai. The national anthem of UAE rang out, supporters and members of the bidding team of UAE gathered and waving proudly the flag of UAE and celebrate this victorious moment with cheers, they hug each other with tears, this is the great milestone they have achieved. Obviously a proud moment for any nation, UAE won the title by a thumping 70%, Dubai won with 116 votes while Yekaterinburg (Russia) received only 47% votes. After getting this success the rulers of emirates feel very happy and they congratulated the UAE nation on this winning.

When the announcement of victory was made there was a great firework filled the sky in the city of Dubai and they exploded out of the tallest building of Burj Khalifa, the sky showed the charming and outstanding view at that time. Sheikh Mohammad announced a holiday for all educational departments and institutions across UAE.

Dubai EXPO 2020 is scheduled to run in the month of October 2020 to April 2021, it means that this great event is six-month-long exhibition. In the last Expo which was held in Milan, Italy, the theme was the event is ‘Feeding the Planet, Energy for life’ in 2015. The theme of Expo 2020 is ‘Connecting Minds, Creating Future’  Government of United Arab Emirates has invested an extensive amount to ensure the EXPO 2020- DUBAI takes place in the best way successfully.

Why Expo 2020 Dubai Will Change The World?

Why EXPO 2020 Dubai Will Change The World? Expo 2020 Dubai is a mega event to impress and get the attraction of the world, because UAE has invested an extensive amount for the success of this great event, more than twenty-five million visitors expected to attend this event, UAE economy significantly boost, people from different countries are investing a handsome amount on a long-term basis business and it will help spur growth and support jobs for many years. Of course, EXPO 2020 will warmly welcome millions of people around the world to experience the incredible architecture, outstanding mega projects, never-before-seen technology, cutting-edge infrastructure and surely all the warmth and immense hospitality that the UAE has to offer.

Where Expo 2020 Is Being Held? International City

Expo 2020 is the first expo that will held be in the Middle East and it is one of the most important in all aspects. As we already know that Expo 2020 is going to held in Dubai but the location of this event is a perfect fit as it is, because this is not a small event, this will be one of the greatest events of the world. Expo 2020 exhibition is held in Dubai South, this location is close to Al Maktoum International Airport. This location is chosen according to the visitor’s facility, tourists can easily reach over there, this site covers 4.35 sq km and it has four main entrances. Here another good plan is made for the people that the Dubai Metro Route 2020 can easily take 46,000 passengers per hour in under only 16 minutes from Dubai Marina.

Expo 2020 Dubai International City


Expo 2020- Logo

The logo is a symbol or small design adopted by any company, organization to identify its own organization’s products. Expo 2020 is a mega event and its logo should be according to its value, so the Vice President and Prime Minister of United Arab Emirates HH Sheikh Muhammad Bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Ruler of Dubai, launched the official logo of Expo 2020.

The inspiration for the logo of Expo 2020 came from a golden ring, the ring made up of pure gold and on its small artistic designs marked. Expo 2020 logo is inspired by the ancient civilization that existed 4,000 years ago, 4,000 years old ring found at an archaeological site in the desert that is located in the Al Marmum area of Dubai. The reason to choose this logo is to show the world and give the message that UAE civilization has deep roots.

The winning design of Expo 2020 was revealed by the crown ruler of Dubai Sheikh Mohammad and it was displayed on the tallest building of Burj Khalifa, Dubai Fountain in Downtown Dubai.

Expo 2020 Dubai Logo


FROM EXPO 2020 What Can We Expect?

No one can ignore the beauty of Dubai, this city attracts people due to its outstanding and fabulous beaches, five-star hotels, desert safari, so many festivals and amazing other activities held in this city which shows Dubai has its own importance.

Expo 2020 welcoming the world to the United Arab Emirates for the length of long of six months, this exhibition continues for six month and people got maximum opportunities to get connected and take a part in it. The heart of Expo 2020 is Al Wasl Plaza, visitors expect significant events of opening and closing ceremonies in Expo 2020.

People expect a successful business from this event because this will be a time that has the power to shape the future of once business, this event has great potential and huge opportunities, so expectations on its high from this event. Expo 2020 explores the ideas, new frontiers, digital connectivity and many more. Expo 2020 will go beyond a global and this event provides a platform to showcase the innovative technology, smart and futuristic infrastructure, develop modern trade ways and commerce. It will re-define the advance and smart future of human life around the world

Expo 2020- Expected Visitors:

In Expo 2020 Dubai, there are twenty-five million visitors that are surely expected in Dubai over the six-month event, this is the great figure according to the calculation. The management and committee are overseeing the situation and make a great plan for the local and federal entities, and they ensure that UAE is ready to welcome the twenty-five millions of visitors in the Expo 2020 world. This is the biggest platform that welcoming 192 country’s participants and they all are ready to get involved in them of ‘connecting Minds, Creating the Future’. Each participating country gets the facility of its own pavilion, where they can showcase their most important themes that are sustainability, mobility, and opportunity.

Expo 2020 Dubai expected visitors


Is Dubai Getting Ready For Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 is taking place from the month of October 2020 to April 2021, and UAE is ready to welcome twenty-five millions of visitors in this great event, where 192 nations will participate for the celebration of tech, culture, trade, entertainment, innovation, and no doubt expect much more. UAE make great projects and plan for this event. Dubai is almost ready to represent a global hub and eventually, this city will become a major destination for such mega-events. Expo 2020, surely shaping the future through international cooperation and creating perfect solutions for future challenges.

It is understood that Expo 2020 is long term investment for the UAE future and its economy will boost, during the period of six-month of Expo 2020, people predicted that the largest event to be held in Dubai and it will raise its economy. The expo 2020 mega project has given a boost to all the areas around it’s in Dubai South.

Expo 2020- Theme ‘Connecting Minds, Creating Future’

Expo 2020 Dubai’s aim for hosting such a spectacular mega event to attract and impress the world is now going to happen, this will be a long term investment in the future of UAE that will significantly no doubt boost the economy of the United Arab Emirates. The theme of Expo 2020 ‘Connecting Minds, Creating Future’ is a great theme and it has the aim to build great partnerships and explore ideas for the world of tomorrow. Expo 2020 Dubai has the opportunity, mobility, and sustainability that guide us on our great journey.

The theme is explored that this event unlocks the new opportunities and challenges for the people and communities to prove their abilities and skills to become the successful participator or contributors to the future, the theme other meaning that creating advance more productive connections, means smarter physical and virtual links and connections between communities, people and nations. Well, the theme is clear that it has the aim to connect the people from different states, different communities, and different nations and create a great and developed future for the coming era of modern technology and acquire a goal to be successful. It is a huge platform for people where partnerships can be created.

Expo 2020 Dubai theme


What Happens After Expo 2020?

Expo 2020 is set to showcase dynamic business community and its economy will boost for many decades, this will be expected from this event, and no doubt UAE rulers and other department work hard for this mega event, but the question s that what will happen after expo 2020, it is good that everyone is focus and excited on the period before the Expo, but what about after Expo 2020? What are the analysis opinions and reports saying about after Expo 2020?

As we know the fact that the ambition of the Expo 2020 is to promote and developed business and get financial benefits. The main focus of Expo 2020 is to promote tourism in UAE, to attracts tourists, if we take a look in the past we realize that the main reason to rise the economy of Dubai is its Tourism and Hospitality industry. Dubai has already got enough attraction due to its magnificent and outstanding infrastructure, so there is a need for new plans to unveil at Expo 2020 so that by giving new ideas to the world they can impress, Expo 2020 will bring in a new stage of the development. Well, the expectations from this great event are on it’s high and expectations will come true or not time will reveal it.

Expo 2020 DUBAI and UAE Vision 2021:

The question is perfect what happens after Expo 2020? This is the question is not only exists in our minds, but it is also right that this event will boost the economy of the UAE for many decades and UAE achieves great financial and economic development. This event leaves a positive impact on business, job creation, economic growth and many other good impacts expected from this event.

After the stage of Expo 2020, UAE has a vision 2021, they have the agenda aims to develop and promote these sectors including all the other sectors to create a perfect and truly diversified, most advanced economy in the country that places innovation at its core, goal has set and the framework dictates as UAE vision 2021. Here it is very important to understand that UAE is working on its agenda of vision 2021, so UAE will become one of the most innovative economies in the coming time, and it will stand on a threefold investment in the field of research and development.

The construction working of Expo 2020 continues apart from this the construction work is also underway for the project of 2022, a number of huge infrastructure and development work is continuing across Dubai, it is very difficult to go with many great projects at the same time but rulers of UAE have strong believed in development work, that’s’ why we can analysis that after Expo 2020 UAE will not face any problem in the future as they already working on their future projects. They have a clear vision after Expo 2020.

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