Facebook launches ‘Facebook Workplace’ A business version
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Facebook launches ‘Facebook Workplace’ A business version

Social media giant Facebook has introduced a separated business version of its network platform called “Workplace”. The user of Facebook is increasing day by day and this platform isn’t a new place for the users. Facebook launches ‘Facebook Workplace’ A business version of Facebook for their users to help them do actual work. On Monday Facebook is launching a communications tools for business, nonprofits and other organizations. Facebook hopes the new version will replace businesses as previous internal communications tools. Previously Facebook has tools such as intranet and mailbox, and it is competing with other workplace services or products including, Slack, HipChat, LinkedIn, Microsoft’s Yammer and Salesforce’s Chatter.

This platform is called “Workplace”, it is ad-free and not connected to users ‘existing Facebook accounts. Instead, a business sign up as an association or organization and pay a monthly fee based on the numbers of the users.   It is free from nonprofits and educational organizations or institutions but costs businesses between $1-3 per month as per connected worker or employee, it’s depending on the size of the business.

‘Facebook Workplace’, previously called Facebook at work, and it has a similar look to standard Facebook, having a news feed to read, instant messaging and group chat to stay in contact with other co-workers. They change the background grey not blue of ‘Facebook Workplace’ and users can easily access it without having Facebook account. Workplace users can add and share comments, videos, photos related to their work and also can communicate by engaging in video calls with their co-workers.

For the past 8 months organizations have used the service on an invite-only basis. Facebook says that more than 1,000 companies are already using the Workplace tools, including the Royal Bank of Scotland, also the nonprofit group Oxfam and soup maker Campbell’s.

Facebook Workplace is based on an internal service that Facbook’s own workers have been using for years. The aim is same to connect as many people as possible, this is applicable for all the users but this time it is quite different now connect the people in the workplace for their business purposes,  A connected workplace is more productive workplace, it is mentions the official Workplace page.

Head of the Workplace at Facebook Julien Codorniou said in an interview that the Workplace Facbook tool’s aim is to “connect everyone” in all types or sorts of workplaces-from desk-bound professionals to on-the-go employees who don’t have email or computers. Think baristas at a coffee shop, field employers for a disaster-aid charity, sales people at a clothing store or people making electronics at a factory.  

Facebook Workplace is using top five countries says by Facebook, The United States, India, Norway, Britain and France.  

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