Alot of people are unaware that slavery was less than 150 years ago, which is no more than 3 generations ago. Every color, be it black or white, holds their own kind of beauty which the racists will never understand. No one here is born with their mind stuck and fit over being a racist. Racism is taught! You do what you see or learn. Like that racism is been taught to some children at the very cramped age. Hating people over their skin color is simply wrong. No matter what race they belong to, it’s plainly wrong. For example, no human here has both the colors in them but, Panda does. Could you hate panda? No you’ll not. It looks fluffy, cute and irresistible. Particularly humans should not hate others on the basis of their skin colors. The differences between colors can only be applied in the laundries. You do not hold any endorsement to put people in inferiority complex, on their skin color. Being a Muslim you must remember the exquisite line from the Last Sermon Of Our Holy Prophet(PBUH) “No white has superiority over a black and no any black has superiority over a white. All Muslims are brothers to eachother”. Isn’t this line enough to stop racism? Judging the people doesn’t determines who they are, rather it determines who you are, which family background you belong to. Making relations over the beauty of heart is enough I guess, rather than making it over the skin colors. Barrick Obama is the most alluring example to you. Though he was black and received so much hatred but still he became the President of USA and proved that not all black are bad and should not receive hatred. Black has its own beauty. Everyone loves black dresses then why don’t you love black people? Do they eat you? Or harm you? They’re just cute enough to melt your hearts but still you prove that you’re having a stoned heart which never melts. Each and every human was made same and will die same. Right now you judge people over the basis of skin colors and on the day of judgment you’ll be judged by your deeds. You’ll enter heaven with your good deeds, not with your charms or with your skin color. Stop thinking that only this is life. The actual life begins after death and believe me it’s the most difficult to live. Make your hereafter easy to live. Stand up for what you believe in even if it’s only you to be stand. Racism is not allowed in any religion, it’s a man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings. Your beauty, your skin color, your senses or your money doesn’t always matter but, your mentality that how you see others matter. Having a dark skin doesn’t means a crime and having a light skin doesn’t gives you prizes. No one is born to hate other person because of their skin color, or their financial status, or their backgrounds, or their religion. If people can learn to hate than they can learn to love. Love comes more naturally than it’s opposite, hate. Let’s stand and end racism once more. Everyone is equal. Each color is beautiful.

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