Healthy Ramadan Diet Plan and Tips
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Healthy Ramadan Diet Plan and Tips

In the Islamic calendar Ramadan is the most precious month for the Muslims, in this whole month Muslims have fast, Allah shower his blessings on Muslims more than another months of the year. Ramadan has come in the month when temperature hit and duration of fast is long, so you need to maintain your meal as suitable and easy for your health. Here for your care and for your health some important Healthy Ramadan Diet Plan and Tips are sharing with you, which are surely beneficial for you.

5 Healthy Ramadan Diet Plan and Tips:

Diet Plan#1

At Suhoor: one slice o toast, a bowl of porridge with fresh milk, handful of nuts but unsalted.

At Iftar: Dates, Bread with chicken, fruit salad, plenty of water.

Diet plan #2

At Suhoor:  Dates, a bowl of shredded muesli or wheat and a pear or orange.

At Iftar: Fish curry with rice, baked fish with vegetable, you can also add some sweets but in a little quantity.

Diet Plan#3:

At Suhoor: Cereal wheat based with milk, a plain crumpet or scone and banana or an apple.

At Iftar: Dates, boiled rice with chicken, mixed salad or fruit salad, vegetable curry.

Diet Plan#4:

At Suhoor:  toast with jam, cheese, and handful dry fruits

At Iftar: pasta made with vegetable and fish or chicken, plain cake or custard with fruits.

Diet Plan#5

At Suhoor: Eat high water content fruit like watermelon, melon, pineapple, orange, grapefruit, and berries. You can take different fruit juices. Good protein content items.

At Iftar: Dates with milk, eat food items that are rich in protein like chicken, lamb, beef, fish. You can also add carbohydrate content vegetable like sweet potato, potato, rice, and squash.

Keeping healthy of your body is an important part of your life. Most of the people in the month of Ramadan neglects their health and take a lot of things in their meal which may cause harmful for their health. Healthy Ramadan Diet Plan and Tips help you to maintain your body and makes you healthy.

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