Hotel in Japan where guests are welcomes by Dinosaur
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Hotel in Japan where guests are welcomed by Dinosaur

Hotel in Japan where guests are welcomed by Dinosaur, technology moving very fast and in this way we heard latest news about amazing and unbelievable things and not surprising really because of modern science and technology.  On Wednesday the latest robot-staffed Henn-na Hotel opened in Japan, with an electronic dinosaur managing the front desk and providing concierge services to the guests in the hotel in multiple languages.

japan's hotel where guests welcomed by robotics dinosaur

This hotel becomes a cynosure for the visitors due to its extremely unusual feature, in this hotel dinosaurs and robots welcoming the guests and visitors at the reception. Although there is human staff also presents to help and maintain the 140 devices on the site. In the hotel each room has a special robot which recognizes visitors and guests and suggests ideas for them. The rates of the room start at $122 (14,000 Yen) a night for two person per night. This hotel which is the second robotic hotel is located close to Tokyo Disney Resort. By launching this kind of hotel, the company has the global aims for the business model and they also planned to open 3rd robot hotel this year.


In July 2015, the first Henn-na Hotel was opened in Sasebo, Nagasaki prefecture it was recognized in November by the Guinness World Records a year ago like “the first robot-staffed hotel” in the world. It is the first hotel that launched in Japan. The Japan Times reports that the robot-hotel is planning on expanding in the different parts of the world over the next 5 years.

The robots staff will reduce the number of human employees to only six from the twenty that is usually required to settle and managed a hotel of such size. Manager Yukio Nagai speaks that the ‘hen’ in hotel’s name has the meaning, which means ‘strange’ in Japanese can also mean change, and defines the hotel’s potential to evolve. He further said that the hotel’s chief evolving attraction is the Al robots in every room. Robots perform functions of the hotel, tasks such as window-cleaning and also vacuuming handle by the robots. Another special feature is facial recognition technology, in the hotel instead of the standard electronic keys for the room, a digital image of the guest’s face is registered during check-in in the room.

hotel where guests welcomed by diosaur

The Hotel consists of 100 rooms and situated near Tokyo Disney Land, operators of the hotel are very confident that park visitors will be surely OK with this new way of lodging. Japan is a world leader and developer in robotics technology and the Japanese government is trumpeting robotics as a pillar of country’s growth strategy.


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