Human rights Day 10th December

Human Rights Day 10th December

Human rights day celebrated on 10th December every year from 1948. The reason to select this date was that to give honor to the United Nations General Assembly, because on 10th December 1948 the adoption of Universal Declaration of Human Rights was proclaimed on this date. But the formal date of inception of human rights day was from 1950.The purpose to celebrate this day is to promote and create the awareness among the people of the world. On this day many conferences and events are held. Most of the country of the world celebrate thisĀ  day on large scale that they are inviting the important personalities to deliver their speech about the Human Rights, they pay high amount to the celebrities to come in the events. The presence of the famous and important personalities to any events considers great success for that event. Is that a right way to celebrate this day? No, because the real sense to celebrate this day is to help the people who really need our help. We give amount to those people who really need it rather than paying this any famous personality. We have to behave with every person in the society on the basis of equality. The world converts in to a global village due to the unique, unbelievable and amazing inventions. We have the fastest communication in our hands it is at the distance that we just need to touch it and we can communicate with any one any place anywhere in the world. If we deeply observe the conditions of the people in the world we realize that many countries are still in the condition of poverty, hunger and illiteracy. They are very far from their basic needs of life. The facilities which we have easily that is impossible to have for those people. Now this is time to change the criteria Human Rights Day. We will try to celebrate this day by doing every kinds of work which could help the people all over the world. The people who need our help we arrange some sorts of things which they wants. It is good to celebrate Human Rights Day but the way of celebration should be change. We should promise with each other to spread the equality, justice, brotherhood, peace and love.

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