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Labour Day or International Worker’s Day

Labour Day or International workers day or May Day marked on 1st May annually worldwide. On this Day official off has given to almost all over the world.

History of Labour Day/ International Workers Day

History of Labour Day or international workers day has brief description. In the beginning of the 19th century variety of days were selected by trade unions like “trade union” and “labour union” as a day to celebrate the Labor Day. First Labour Day was held on Thursday 5, September 1882 in United States, and the second Labour Day was held on next year on 5 September 1883. The first Monday of September in 1884 was selected as the holiday, in 1885 Labour Day was celebrated in many other regions. In modern era the this Day was celebrated on 1st May and it is celebrated widely across the world.

1st May Labour Day in Pakistan:

In 1972 Pakistan’s first labour policy was devised, in this policy 1st May was declared “Labour Day” an official holiday. All Government and non-government institutions or organizations, factories, companies, educational academies remain closed. Pakistan’s constitution contains provisions and article about the rights of the Labours. The unions of labour all over the Pakistan organize rallies, seminars and parades and in these activities the leaders deliver speeches about the history, meanings and messages of Loabur Day. In Pakistan there is no specific symbol associated with Labour Day. In the rallies and parades worker carried banners and placard. Special labour Days messages sent to each other and share the labour days quote.

Labour Day in other Countries:

On International workers Day also celebrated other countries around the world. In most of the countries like Pakistan officially off has been given on Labour Day. Usually Labor Day marked on 1st May but the date varies in most of countries. But the theme behind the Labour Day is same all over the world. On May Day or Labor Day Seminars are held in different countries, peoples participated in the rallies are holding the banners and placard with special Labour Day messages and Labour Day Quotes.

Labor Day Messages:

International workers Day is celebrated across the world and the purpose to celebrate this day to show the respect and love with the labours and give them respect. People share Labour Day messages with each other and also Labor Day greetings and Labour Day symbols.

 We spend a lot of time by making the plans for the event of labor Day we also spend our energy and our amount to held the programs related to labor Day it is good but the most important thing is that we should find out those peoples who are really very needy and poor to help them because these peoples are more deserving peoples.

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