Life surviving

Some people live. Some survive. Some exist. Some are dead mentally. Some are pretending to be alive. Everyone is in an unimaginable pain that they never knew they would be in. Not everyone who are enduring the immense pain wanted to. That’s their life’s destiny. It can be a part of their life too. Not all living one’s are happy. Those people who are surviving are an ocean. They seem quiet and calm in front of you. But remember an oceans boundary is wide and vast. Somewhere in the ocean, the water is calm. Whilst the other side there is an colossal storm in the same ocean. Before judging them always remember that they’re enduring and you won’t want to endure what they’re enduring. Never try to understand them. You’ll only be in tears that how they’re surviving the most difficult to be survived life. Existed soul are physically present infront of you 24/7 but you’ll always find them in a deep thoughts mentally. They’ll listen but won’t respond the actual. Some are those who are already dead, not physically but mentally they’re dead. They’ll look paralyzed. They won’t feel anything. Some are alive and pretending that they’re living the happiest life, but they’re the ones who are suffering. Each and every person suffers. You cannot judge anyone because everyone lives in their own pains. They have some deepest thoughts which you cannot understand. Live your life to the fullest. But sadness isn’t always there for you. True love will make your life worth living. One day one person will come and change your life that you’d never thought that it could happen and it will. Wait for the right one.

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