Louis Washkansky “First heart transplant recipient”

washkanskyThe person who received first heart transplant, Louis Washkansky belongs to South Africa. He was a grocer and 53 years old. Louis was that kind of a person who enjoyed life. He enjoyed football matches, drinking and smoking. He admitted in hospital when he suffered a heart attack. Dr. told him that he could not face another attack. His condition was not good.

Louis Washkansky considered to the lucky man that he found the donor, he received the transplant from women who was fatally injured in a car accident. Her name was Denise Darvall.She was 25 year old. She was the first donor of the heart. The Doctor who performed this surgery was Dr.Christiaan Barnard. He was trained by the University of Cape Town. Dr Christiaan Barnard asked Louis If he would be interested in having in heart trasnplan, but it had never been done before. Louis Said, “If thats the only chance I will take it”.

Dr. Barnard said, don’t you want to think about it?” Louis replied, “No, no…. there is nothing to think about it. I can’t go on living like this. The way I am living is not living”.

He performed the successful operation at Groote Schuur Hospital. After this successful surgery Louis Washkansky could live only 18 days. He died due to pneumonia. His new heart beat strongly to the end. In the history of medical science his name is known for the first heart transplant receiver.

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