Make your future right, make the right choices of your life.

Everyone holds their own life. No one lives for you or will be buried with you. You will leave this world with your own good/bad deeds and all your worships. No one will be punished on your behalf on the day of judgement. Then why not make better decisions to make our life worth living. You are afraid of making decisions because you mind is stuck at a point where you think that on your decisions you will be punished and on another side you’ll be rewarded by this world. You actual life starts when this life ends. Decisions that are made by yourself are the ones who lead you to the success. There are two reasons why you cannot make good decisions; you ego and your blind spots. If you’ve given your life and no one’s have been given a little bit of it then why are you submitting whole to them? Hold it tight with you. Always make your decisions with possibilities, not with fear. See what can happen ahead, not what will not happen. Usually decisions made at night are always changed in the morning. Every sunrise brings new hope. And start your day with new hope and better decisions. You’ll only live this life for once. It’ll not be given your for 2-3 more times. So make your decisions with all your hope and mind. When you choose the hardest and most painful decision but your heart is at peace, then you’ll know that it’s the right decision you’ve made. Let your heart find it’s comfort and start walking there. While making a biggest decision you feel pretty scary, but you know what’s more scary than that? Regretting that didn’t chose that. Guilt kills you. Whenever you’re making your decisions always keep your future in your mind, not the present. We can think about many things, turn them over in our mind million times, play out possible scenarios, but when it actually comes then we have to listen to our heart and move forward. Every decision brings with it some good, some bad, some lessons and some luck. Make and be confident on your own decisions. It’s not always necessary to look for people’s approval for it. Do not make permanent decisions for your temporary emotions. It’ll ruin your life.

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