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Mother’s Day marked in May

Mother’s Day marked in May in several regions of the world. Mother’s day is an honor and respect gives the family to the mother. This day observed the second Sunday in the month of May.

History of Mother’s Day:

This day originated from two women named Julia Ward Howe and Anna Jarvis. Anna Jarvis, conceived or considered of Mother’s Day as a way of admiration, tribute, honoring the sacrifices mothers made for their children. The official mother’s day arose in the 1900s. First Mother’s Day was successful and Anna Jarvis very happy to see her holiday added to the national calendar. Anna initially worked with floral industry to raise Mother’s Day profile.

In 1870 Julia Ward Howe wrote the “Mother’s Day Proclamation”. In 1873 Julia Ward Howe campaigned for a “Mother’s Peace Day” to celebrated every 2 June.

Celebrations of Mother’s Day can be outlined back to the ancient Greeks and Romans. They held festivals or events in respect and honor of the mother goddesses Cybele and Rhea. By passing many times this day from different names celebrated in the different regions in the world.

Mother’s Day in Pakistan:

Mother’s Day is also celebrated in Pakistan to give the honor and tribute the mothers.  Around 46 countries of the world this day is celebrated with full of emotions and feelings of love. Pakistan is an Islamic country and in Islam the respect, honor and status of mother is very high. The status of mothers in Islam is not as common as in others but in Islam mothers has great has respect and honor, once realize the position of mothers in Islam by:

“Heaven lies beneath the feet of mothers” (Prophet of Islam)

To celebrate and respects mother not depends only one particular day but the entire life a man or women you should love, respect to your parents. So being a Muslims we know the respect and honor of mother in our lives. In Pakistan this celebrated from the last few years with tremendous zest. In Pakistan peoples gives flowers, present Mother’s Day cakes, sweets, cards and other gifts which is related to the this day to their mothers.

Mother’s Day and other countries:

Mother’s Day is celebrated with love and enthusiasm over the many countries across the globe. The celebration everywhere has the same theme and same feelings of love and respects for the mothers. In both zone east and west care for the mothers and have the same respect. This day with great feelings almost celebrated over the world and people shower their loves for their mothers. In some regions of the world special prayer services are organized in their religious places.

Peoples send their mothers special Mother’s Day cakes, flowers, special sweets, special Mother’s Day messages, quotes on this special day. In lot of countries this day observed as a holiday.  This is the great feelings and love for the children to their mothers. They shared their emotions to their mothers and show their internal feelings of love to their mothers.

Mother’s Day Message:

Mothers are the sweetest and precious gift from good to us. Mothers did sacrifices to their child and she saves her child from the bad atmosphere and also become the shelter for their children protection. On this day every child tries to do best for their mothers, we show our love and gratefulness to our lovable mothers.

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