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‘New girl in the city’ is about that girl who wants to live in her on way. When the girl lives independently, she has some dreams that she has the desire to fulfill.

Independency means you can take care of yourself but that’s not the only thing it means. Being independent means you doesn’t allow a man to affect yourself confidence. Independent woman does not struggle to make decisions, she knows what she wants in life and does not waste time. Being independent means you work excessively, you follow your passion, you don’t care what others has to say about you because you know you are the best. You should keep away from toxic people. Cut them out as soon as possible because you know you can survive without don’t need some one to teach you or protect you, you can protect yourself. When someone disrespect you, you don’t let them get away with it, you know what you deserve. Independent girl is her own first priority she is not one of those people who will drop everything for someone else. She believes in her ability have catogries and delegate her focus.

Independent girl has to remember to compromise, when she finds someone, who’s able to handle her with all of her idiosyncrasies and bad habits, she will stop, she will divert off path and then and only then she will really fall in love.

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Madiha Hameed

Madiha is professionally a dentist,but She loves to write about fashion, education, world.

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