New WhatsApp Gold, Beware You Should Not Upgrade

New WhatsApp Gold, Beware You Should Not Upgrade

You have received a message recommending you to sign up for the limited ‘WhatsApp Gold Version of the popular messaging app WhatsApp. If you received message or not but beware to not download WhatsApp Gold it is a malware.  A number of the WhatsApp users reported that they have received a message from the scammers suggesting them the exclusive ‘WhatsApp Gold’ and with this message they link their website from there the users can download  WhatsApp gold. New WhatsApp Gold beware you should not upgrade because it actually infects mobiles with malware.


The additional features the scammers’ claims have only previously been offered to top celebrities and it include the facility to send more than 100 images/pictures at once, video calling, new emojis, improved security features and also the extra customization options offered in WhatsApp Gold. In their message they states that once you download this version your app’s green icon will turn into golden. All these offers and Whatsapp Gold totally nonsense, if you download the new WhatsApp gold in your cell from their linked website it will easily infect your phone and transfer your data vulnerable to the cyber criminals.

There have been a number of similar scams has surface and existed in different structures or forms for a while. One such unauthorized version of the app is named “WhatsApp Plus”. In fact, WhatsApp could actually disallow or ban you if it detects WhatsApp Plus on your device.

WhatsApp says in its FAQs section of the website, “WhatsApp Plus is an application that was not developed by WhatsApp, nor is it authorized by WhatsApp. Users are also warned that the scam software can pass private information ‘to third parties without your knowledge or authorization.”

It directs or informs the users to immediately uninstall the unauthorised app, and forces them to wait 24 hrs before they can use the actual or real Whatsapp again.

So the WhatsApp users should not click new WhatsApp Gold to upgrade your WhatsApp because it could be the malware and your cell phone easily infects and your data can easily accessible for the cyber criminals.

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