PAF Fighter Jet Crashes Wing Cdr Nouman Akram Embraces Shahadat

PAF Fighter Jet Crashes Wing Cdr Nouman Akram Embraces Shahadat

PAF Fighter Jet Crashes Wing Cdr Nouman Akram Embraces Shahadat, in the terrible tragedy of Wednesday’s morning, . Pakistan Air Force Fighter-16 has crashed in the capital city Islamabad during the rehearsals for the National Day 23 March. A Pakistani pilot Nouman Akram was practicing aerobatic manoeuvres ahead of the national Day Celebrations.

In the series of unfortunate things taking place, the recent reports of PAF Fighter jet crashes add another horrific incident and the news of the martyrdom of Wing Cdr Nouman Akram is very painful for Pakistani nation. We know that Resolution Day is just around the corner and we also know that every year on this day PAF held some events.
However, on going rehearsals, F-16 jet tragically crashes into the ground near the Shakarparian area.

As of now, the details of this horrific incident are coming from the officials of the PAF. Sources reveals that in this jet Wing Cdr Nouman Akram was in the F-19 jet. Unforgettably F-16 jet mid-air got out of control and crashed near the area of Islamabad. There were no casualties on the place where the jet crashed and no damage for any property.

Local TV station and social media footage clearly showed black smoke rising after crushed the jet, black smoke rising from a tree filled area. One video appeared and it shows that the Fighter jet pulling out of a step dive before going down behind the hill. Meanwhile security forces immediately surrounded the area and ambulance has reached the site.

The Shaheed Wing Cdr Nouman Akram was the hero and honor for Pakistan he was the winner of the Sher Afghan Trophy in the Inter Squadron Armament competition held in the year of 2019. Shaheed Nouman Akram was the commanding officer of Sargodha-based 9 Squadron. This squadron participated in when Pakistan response to the Balakot air strikes.

The Pakistan Air Force has order for a inquiry of the accident and find out the exact reason. the statement from the officials confirmed the Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force cordoned off the incident area and conducted rescue operations over there.

Three incidents of of aircraft crash in 2020 have been reported, One is in the month of January, a PAF FT-7 aircraft crashed near Mianwali while on a training mission. In this incident Sq. Leader Haris bin Khalid and Ibaadur Rehman Flying officer lost their lives. Second one is in the month of February, a PAF Mirage aircraft had crashed near Lahore-Multan motorway on 7 February, this plane was also on a operational training mission. In the same month on 12 February a PAF trainer aircraft crashed near Takht Bhai in KPK’s Mardan district during a training mission.

It is indeed extremely sad news in the beginning of the year for the whole Pakistan. This is the big loss for Pakistan that one of our brave pilot lost his life in this accident. Everyone express their condolence to the family of Shaheed Nouman Akram. It is a huge loss for the Pakistan Air Force and Pakistani nation Wing Cdr Nouman Akram will definitely live in our hearts forever.

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