Pakistan beat India to clinch Asian Team Snooker Championship
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Pakistan beat India to clinch Asian Team Snooker Championship 2019

Sports lover is now busy to watch ICC World Cup 2019 and every one supports their country and their team, ICC World cup goes on its peak now a days, fans are very happy and devoting themselves for their favorite team, but cricket is not only the game people love, there are so many other sports also exists, there is a good news for every Pakistani is that Pakistan beat India to clinch Asian Team Snooker Championship 2019, Pakistan beating India by 3-2 sets, yes truly a fantastic news for the Pakistani nation. In the final of Asian team Snooker Championship 2019 Pakistani team defeated Indian team and clinched the title of ACBS Asian Team snooker Championship 2019 in Doha, Qatar.


Pakistani squad consists of Babar Masih and Zulfiqar Qadir and in the Indian Team they have Pankaj Advani, Aditya Mehta and Laxman Rawat. Babar’s superb form throughout the Asian Tournament helped Pakistan and make it easy to clinch the title.

In the beginning of the first two matches, team Pakistan was quick out of the block because of Pankaj Advani, he lost out to Babar Masih. Babar Masih dominated matchup winning 79-1. Zulfiqar Qadir repeated the story and in the next match he defeated Laxman Rawat 71-1.

Match wasn’t easy as thought, however, the Indian team made a good comeback and defeating Pakistani team pair 58-18, Pankaj Advani edged Zulfiqar Qadir 67-39 this make game interesting, it will become tough but Pakistani team held their nerve and control the game and the final was won by Pakistan by beating Rawat 69-9.

Now doubt the men in Green put up a brilliant show against their rivals and give them tough competition during the critical moments of the game but in the end, they defeated them and hold the winning trophy and feel the glorious moment and enjoy the victory.

Pakistan beat India to clinch Asian Team Snooker Championship


Previously, team Pakistan Muhammad Bilal, Babar Masih and Asjad Iqbal worked hard and made it to the ACBS Asian Men Snooker Championship 2019 pre quarterfinals in Doha, Qatar. Naveed Kapadia, Manager of Snooker Association said that, he believed that Pakistan would win at least one medal at the great event. Mr. Naveed Kapadia further said that no doubt our team players have performed really outstanding and we expect same great performances from their side in future.


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