Pakistan Day 23 March

Pakistan Day 23 March

Pakistan Day 23 March (Youm-e-Pakistan) or Republic Day is a national holiday in Islamic Republic of Pakistan to commemorate the Lahore Resolution of 1940 (Qarardad-e-Pakistan). This was the day when the adoption of the first constitution of Pakistan happened. Pakistan Day 23 March is a very important day in Pakistan’s building story. This day is actual day of the “Making of Pakistan”. The resolution cast off the conception of the United India and support encouraged the creation of an autonomous Muslim state. On Pakistan Day the common celebration for the event is the Republic Day parade by the armed forces. Many other government and non government organization held seminars and events to enlighten the history of this day.

Every year Pakistan Day or Youm-e-Pakistan is celebrated on 23rd March throughout the state with national enthusiasm and spirit. This is the historical day is very important for the people of Pakistan.  Pakistan Resolution was passed at Lahore’s Minto Park on 23 March 1940, in this resolution Muslims of Sub-continent demanded a separate homeland. The Lahore Resolution proved a successful culmination of struggle of the Muslims of South Asia. This long struggle brought a new emerging Muslim State on the world map in the shape of Pakistan. This day has the great history and it reminds us that we are the united and potential people and we are the same who will make Pakistan developed.

What People Do on 23 March?

On 23 March there is a national holiday in Pakistan and on this day. Pakistan’s national flag is hoisted on Governmental and public buildings at dawn on Pakistan Day. In Islamabad 31-gun salute and in provincial capitals 21-gun salutes are fired. Another important work is done. A change of guard occurs at the mausoleums of Mohammad Iqbal (commonly known as Shair-e-Mashriq- Allama Iqbal) and Muhammad Ali Jinnah (Commonly known as Baba-e-Qaum- Quaid-e-Azam or father of the nation) followed by garlands being laid. The key feature of Pakistan Day celebrations is a parade by armed forces at the Constitution Avenue in Islamabad, capital of Pakistan. An award ceremony is organized where the president of Pakistan presents the military and civilian awards to recognize recipients’ great achievements and contributions to their beloved country Pakistan.

Pakistan day celebration

On 23 March Pakistan Day festivals, national songs, Resolution day speeches and debate competitions are featured throughout the day. Special prayers are offered on TV and Radio for peace and prosperity in Pakistan. To highlight the importance of this day number of programs are arranged by different organizations every year.

Pakistan Day qarardad-e-Pakistan


Pakistan Minaret or Minar-e-Pakistan is a type of tower that was built in Iqbal Park in Lahore, it was built to venerate the Pakistan Resolution Day or Lahore Resolution 1940. The Minar-e-Pakistan is constructed where the Qarardad-e-Pakistan was passed. This monument symbolizes with a great blossoming flower and reflects the blissfulness of independence. People of Lahore and from other areas of Pakistan specially gather here on 23 March to celebrate the historical day.

Youm-e-Pakistan Resolution day

One Nation One Country:

On the eve 23 March Pakistan Day, people from Pakistan and also from all over the world where Pakistanis are living never forget to celebrate this great day, they not only celebrate this day but also pray for Peace and prosperity in Pakistan. We are one nation and one country, long live Pakistan.

23 march Youm-e-Pakistan

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