Pakistan Day Youm-E-Pakistan
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Pakistan Day Youm-E-Pakistan

Pakistan Day Youm-E-Pakistan celebrated every year on 23rd March. The history of Pakistan Resolution 1940 shows the struggle of theĀ  Muslims. Muslim League the political party of the Muslims in the sub continent played very important role in the struggle and creation for the separate homeland in the year 1940 for the Muslims. The Political party Muslim League had become a strong supporting party for the Muslims of Sub-continent. All the Muslims were struggling under the strong party for a separate homeland.

23rd March was a remarkable day for the Muslims. On this day a Resolution was passed in 1940. And now we call it Qardad-E-Pakistan or Youm-E-Pakistan. Pakistan had obtained its independence on 14 August 1947 from the British Rulers. 23 March was the day when the Resolution of Pakistan was passed. This Resolution played strong role and we moved forward for our independence. The idea of a separate homeland for the Muslims of Sub-continent was first floated by Dr. Allama Muhammad Iqbal(Poet of the Nation) in 1930’s.

In Lahore Resolution Muslims clearly demanded for the separate homeland for them. An Interesting thing that we didn’t know that it was the Indian press at that time that referred it as Pakistan Resolution. It was just because Chaudhry Rahmat Ali already suggested the name of the new state. Chaudhary Rahmat Ali came up with the name Pakistan for the new Muslim separate state in this session.

We know that Pakistan came in to being on basis of two nation theory. This theory paved the way for the creation of Pakistan. Muslims of Sub-continent struggled for their own separate homeland. This demand is clear that they want separate state where they can perform their religious and other rituals without any fear.

On every 23rd March we celebrate Youm-E-Pakistan and this day is a national holiday in our country to commorate the Qardad-E-Pakistan or Lahore Resolution 1940. The celebration regarding the national holiday includes a military and civilian parade held in the capital city of Pakistan. These parade held in early morning, awards, and military honors and swords of honors were given.

23 March In the history of Pakistan occupies significant place. We celebrate this day with our full emotion and love. When this day come we think at past that how the day was celebrated. 23rd March has the great history. We all know that this is all happened just because of our great leader and strong man’s good deeds. No doubt we are proud of our leader Quad-E-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah the father of the nation. Now it is our responsibility that we have to pay our faith and love to our leader Quaid-E-Azam not only on this day but every day. We should loyal with our duties and with our people. We should promote our culture and our products and our brand in to the world. Only We can rise our country. Most importantly is that we should sincere and loyal with our country.

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