Pakistan India cricket series controversy
Pakistan India cricket series

Pakistan Vs India cricket Match

Pakistan vs India cricket Match

Pakistan vs India cricket match becomes the popular topic for the lovers of the cricket. Sports lovers always want to watch the games between their favorite team. India and Pakistan are the two most popular teams in Asia.  Whenever we hear the match between India and Pakistan we have the extreme feelings and we will in the position of consciousness that who will win the match? If we take a look on the history then we come to know that there is a long history between India and Pakistan which shows that in the history their relation wasn’t good.

The purpose for the games is to get relaxation and enjoyment. All the games in the world are gives the source of joy for their people and it is commonly thought that in the games there is no politics no injustice just only peaceful games.

The controversy between Indo-Pak match began form the Indian cricket board. The decision between India and Pakistan cricket match is in the hanging position. The Indian media highlights this issue daily, some they telecast such fake news that decision will be in the favor of the match after this news they telecast is news that Pakistan and India cricket match looking not possible. This diplomatic attitude from the Indian media is making confuse to the viewers. The Pakistan Cricket Board now announced that if India will not confirm the cricket series between Pakistan and India on Monday 7, 2015 then the cricket series will be consider cancelled.

Lovers of cricket are now in the feelings of happiness and consciousness because 24 hours are most important for the game. We hope for the best result because we love the games not the controversy. It is our wish that we will see again the cricket match series between India and Pakistan.

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