Pakistani Kid develops a full-fledges defense Drone
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Pakistani Kid develops a full-fledged defense Drone

In a very young and playing age Bilal Ahmed 11 years old Pakistani kid develops a full-fledged defense Drone, Microsoft has mentioned that Bilal has developed his own military drone while working at the (MIC) Microsoft Innovation Center in Karachi.

According to the details Bilal’s defense Drone is made of Aluminum and can fly up to a height of 1500 feet, it has the capabilities similar to those that are used by the agencies of security and defense. Defense Drone is GPS- enabled and comes with automatic take-off and landing. To make it self-stabilizing, it is commanded or programmed in a way to decrease air-turbulence, interestingly it comes with camera for capturing photos and videos and it let you to check live telemetry data and graphs on its radio controller.

Bilal is the student of The City School in Karachi, he has made many robots on several platforms before performing this great work, the person behind this great work of Bilal is his father, who urged Bilal from a very young age to learn programming.

He was initially noticed by Ozair Belal, from Developer Experience and Evangelism (DX) at Microsoft Innovation Center (MIC) at Karachi, at a local robotic competition. He then pushed his father to support and help Bilal in learning how to integrate a Raspberry Pi 2 for Bilal’s robots and drones. His father then took him under his wing, giving him with the right mentorship to create his own quadcopter.

When MIC asked Bilal why he made the military defense Drone, Bilal simply replied that he wants to make the world a better stage or place to live by learning how to unite man’s capabilities with robotics. He hopes to one day built a “Bionic Suit” that can facilitate and help paralyzed people walk and as well help us perform laborious mission or tasks with less effort.  At the very young age Bilal set an example that if you have skill then you can do a big task.

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