This generation really needs to change. It needs to bring some changes in this country. Our country is not only responsibility of government. It’s not ok to always blame government for the falling of Pakistan. You can blame this generation too. We’re busy playing games, using social media etc etc. We need to stand up for our country. The rate of dollars is touching skies. The hospitals are being filled with illiterate doctors and staffs. There are lack of hospitals in karachi and hyderabad in which the staff is so irresponsible. If you ask them not to make noise, the patient is sleeping. Instead of being agreed to it they start abusing and misbehaving. Like why? Where’s the patriotism? Is it dead? There’s no conscience left in people’s? Is it dead? When will we get up and fight for our nation. This independent country PAKISTAN was given to us after lack of struggles. Innocent children’s died, sons died, the bravest army’s died. Getting this lovely nation wasn’t easy. Can we please make it more beautiful by waking our consciences inside us? This nation needs patriotism to run. A patriotic person should get higher educations and utilize it in his/her nation. Ban branded products and use Pakistani things. This will help us in decreasing the rate of dollars. There are brawls in our world. The ministers are having issues with eachother. We can co-operate to our country. Rebirth your slept conscience. Fight for our nation. We can make it evergreen and more cunning. We can plant trees to decrease CO2. We can help in building dams. We can increase prosperity of our world and make it reach more higher and higher. Let’s stand up and support our Pakistan. Be a true Pakistani

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