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PEMRA suspends license of Nickelodeon for showing Indian Content

PEMRA suspends license of Nickelodeon for showing Indian Content on Monday, The Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority (PEMRA) has suspended the Nick Channel for airing cartoons which dubbed in the Hindi language. According to the PEMRA the reason behind this suspension was the violation of PEMRA directives, following the 19 October decision that was taken by the authority. According to the report that on 19th October, PEMRA had announced that any satellite channel or those with landing the rights would bear bans over screening of the Indian content. However Nickelodeon channel has been violating this order which was from PEMRA, and it showing Indian dubbed cartoons every day, so the competent authority of PEMRA suspended Nick’s landing Right Permission immediately.


PEMRA has imposed a total ban on telecasting or airing Indian content on the local television channels and also FM radio channels. The order has been implemented on the cable networks, also including the channels being controlled or operated by the cable operators.  PEMRA said that they will continue to check and monitor all the satellite channels in the Pakistan and in case of any violations particularly for airing Indian content, will be dealt strictly, and the responsible chancel may be suspended or banned.

The decision of PEMRA is largely seen as a reaction of the move after a same action in India, by the some Indian channels and the entertainment industry against Pakistani artists and Pakistani content.

The crisis between India and Pakistan is not the new matter for the world, from the independence of Pakistan till now there were a lot of issues arose between these two countries.  The leading issue between India and Pakistan is the matter of Kashmir, this issue is the main cause between these two states. Due to the critical situation at borders both countries are in problem.

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