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Peshawar Student arrested for refuses to accept degree from KPK governor

Peshawar Student arrested for refuses to accept degree from KPK governor, during the convocation. The Governor of KPK Iqbal Zafar Jhagra (PMLN), at the convocation of Peshawar University, awarding the degrees for all the graduate students, during this award convocation an interesting event occurred, a journalism student’s turn came up, the student walked to the stage but instead of receiving the degree he refused the degree to take it from the Governor.

According to details, a student of Journalism and Mass Communication, Nabi Shah said that he was dissatisfied with the federal Government of KPK, and so had refused to accept his degree from Iqbal Zafar Jhagra, he exact and true words are said, “Main corruption zadda governor say degree nahi loonga”.

He requested to the vice Chancellor of the university to award him a certificate instead of governor. When the vice Chancellor refused to give him certificate he walked off the stage and went out of the event of the award.

After this event, the student was arrested and also was not given his degree, when the governor was informed of his arrest, Governor said that, everyone has their own reservations and he (the student) might have a difference of the views or opinion with me and might be correct in his own right, I respect that, and that doesn’t mean that due to the difference of the opinion he should arrested or not given a degree or certificate. He further said, I have no issues, this is a democracy and one can lives as he wishes.  The KPK Governor asked for the immediate release of the student.

After this Governor orders, still the student has not been released from prison, instead of release, now he has been transferred somewhere else. It is really surprising for everyone to see someone being arrested just for refusing to take the degree from a person who is corrupted in his (student’s) opinion, he is arrested for committing no crime at all. This act (arrested student) shows the level of the freedom of speech in Pakistan.

What will be the decision, whether he receives a certificate/degree or is released later on is yet to be seen. At this time he will have to pass his time behind the prison for no apparent crime, until an inquiry is called on his arrest.

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