You get what you gave to others. No one here is superior that they’re doing worst to others life and expecting not to get it back on their fate. Islam always highlights retribution. Islam is the religion which asks for equality to peoples. Much of the Hadiths addresses to think the servants and the low class people as equal to you. You see the Earth’s round. If you have done abominable to others then the other day you’ll be getting abominable behaviors from other peoples. Stop living in a foolish thinking that you’re superior and can think anyone whether he/she is middle class or low class as inferior. There’s not a single saying that you are superior to others instead it’s said in the Quran “A white has no superiority on a black and no any black has superiority on a white”. Retribution always retains same. No one can twist it around and call it fake. It happens to everyone. You’ll not get anything out of your fate nor out of what’s written for you. You’ll get every blessings which you deserve. Most of all there’s a huge brawl spreading in the world just because of money. Everyone wants money. They do not think that whether it’s halal or haram, good or bad, it brings happiness or only pain instead they just see that yeah there’s money and that’s all we want. You need happiness, partner and much more for living not just money. Money will only bring temporary happiness to your life. Run after your dreams rather than running after money. You get money and do not use for the work it was actually given. You do not help the poors from it then there will be retribution. Retribution never ends nor fakes. Its real. Retribution will happen for sure. You get what you gave to others. So it’ll be much more better to give more and more and you’ll be given what you gave. Retribution never fails

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