Shan condemns Shameful silence from Pakistani celebrities

We are hearing the news about so called Surgical Strikes from India. As we know that there is no reality behind this rubbish claim. Pak Army rubbishes Indian Surgical claim as two Pakistani soldiers killed at LoC, the Indian claim about the surgical strikes was false after news broke that no such thing occurred. The ISPR statement confirmed this. Every one aware that what the reasons behind spreading these kinds of fake news, actually they want to divert the attention of the people towards the matter of the Kashmir.

Indian nation and their stars were fed a lie by their government about so called surgical strikes. In support of their government many Indian celebrities including Bollywood actors and actresses, sport people and so many other related to any leading post. Their support and their statements are displaying on Twitter, and many other social media network. Although there is no reality in this news but even they support their government.

Shan Shahid the Pakistani actor and director lashed out at follow Pakistani actors for failing to express solidarity with the slain Pakistani troops. Shan condemns Shameful silence from Pakistani celebrities at the matter of cross-border shelling from India while many Bollywood stars including Adnan Sami, Shah Rukh Khan, Farhan Akhtar, rallied behind their Army and Government.  It is true that still our celebrities are silence and even there is no statement comes out from their sides.

The Indian stars have tweeted in support of their government and Indian Troops. They just follow and support them but on the other hand Pakistani actors are not showing their support for Pakistani troops Shan condemns this behavior of the Pakistani celebrities. This statement posted by Shan on his verified account of Facebook. Shan said, “I assume one film wonders want to hide under the money and also little fame they made from neighbor country India and do not want to jeopardizes their relationship with their Indian godfathers”.

A day earlier in a separate message Shan paid tribute to Pakistani troops for sacrificing their lives for the beloved country Pakistan. “To brave protectors of Pakistan are fighting for just only one cause and the one cause is only to protect dearest Pakistan. Shan said that, “My all prayers and my all supports for Pakistani forces do not end just words but my blood and my life. He added, Pakistan Zindabad, Pakistan Paindabad”.

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