Sony developing smart contact lens
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Sony developing smart contact lens

The contact lens becomes the essential use of the common people, some people use it as a fashion and some of them are use for eye problem. Sony has come up with the great and intelligent contact lenses. Here we have the great news that Sony developing smart contact lens that permits the character Trevor Hanaway records documents. Sony is working on this idea and adds the video recorder to its recent patent applications. The firm based on Tokyo filed a patent application, launched earlier this month, exposing how the smart lenses would use movements of eyelids to start the different functions. The seven Japanese inventors proposed or designed the contacts which would include a wireless processing unit, storage unit and the most important and notable thing is Camera.

Sony developing smart contact lens

The patent application of Sony describes a couple of lenses with an organic electroluminescence display screen that let you to view the images, video and other information. An onboard video recorder allows users record what they see with the autofocus, disclosure and aperture adjustment. Sony developing smart contact lens and it also has the zoom in and zoom out option to optimize the quality of the video. It shows the lenses could store their own videos.

sony plans for contact lens

Instead of the video recording a continuous steam as a car dash cam, the contact lens of Sony can be managed or controlled by the user with the blink of an eye. This smart contact lens would utilize or use sensors to detect when a user of this lens closes an eyelid. The user of this contact lens could switch the mode of the camera on and off by clicking their eyelids on wish or purpose. The user also could use their smart phones to the controlling of their contacts. By moving the predetermined movement of the eyelids the user could play the video, to activate or deactivate additional functions different blink required. Sony’s smart contact lens added value in your life.

Sony developing smart contact lens but Sony isn’t the only company seeking to embed technology in to eye-wear, the Samsung also disclose or revealed in a patent application that is functioning on a completing lens with the built-in video recorder. In the field of medical scientists of the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology utilized their expertise to generate couple of contact lenses that zoom with 2.8x, it helps users with degenerative diseases of eye. Google also created a contact lens that can be powered by the sun.

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