Too much foreign/Indian impact on Pakistani culture.

The option is to dislike but watch it anyway. Poor direction, atmosphere full of frustration and aggressive characters is ninety percent of what we see in dramas. Not to forget the exaggerated situations full of fallacious arguments and loud tones of cunning characters is mere arousal of hate in our society. Unfortunately its working for many of those who are deprived of understanding genuine art. Also the exaggeration is to an extent that is causing problems in households like expensive furniture, fancy embellishment, villas that even make the rich wonder if they have all of this stuff at their place and the poor rethink if they even belong. Girls from far flung areas and even those of less fortunate have to face dowry crisis while getting married. Not only this but then people also make every possible try to achieve luxurious life styles often by means of corruption or several other crimes. It will not be wrong to blame the drama industry for showcasing such fancy ambience to their viewers that is away from what our culture actually is.

Sadly, once in a blue moon appears a drama on screen that catches our attention. Although creative and motivating work should appear often if we want our drama industry to progress. Another benefit will be the awareness that might as well spread as people feel an intimacy to the characters and they rely on the messages either they are positive or negative that are conveyed through drama. That will require loads of loyalty and devotion from all the people involved in it. Many of them are also working hard and their efforts can clearly be seen.

But the role of writers is` difficult to find and that is because writers are not even considered significant part of a play. This actually is a shame. Brilliant ideas are stolen without regarding writers or including script writers ending up in making third class dramas quite far from the art that we yearn to watch. And if this does not sound enough the way actors pronounce the words incorrectly, from our rich language absolutely makes these dramas ineligible to watch. Drama probably is the only art that is now approachable for the middle class of our country as cinema and theatre are the types of entertainment that are way too expensive to afford for a person belonging from middle or lower class. And the only kind of theatre that is left to watch is the cheap one we all have seen the posters of!

I believe art is for everyone and reserving it for a certain class will only result in a lot of problems. If producers decide to invest they must invest it wisely and with loyalty to produce art that shouldn’t be difficult to call art. If someone prides himself as a director he must make sure his work also makes him proud as the label at least for me is not enough. Actors are good but without working enough on what they call acting will take them nowhere. Writers must be involved as much as they deserve to be so that the dramas may show their closer to reality side.
And dramas that are clearly inspired by other cultures must be restricted as this is making our true culture fade. Recently, our T.V. channels have started broadcasting conservative and imitative concept based dramas which is irresponsible of them. Children learn through what they see and if these channels are going to feed them false concepts they’ll end up believing them the way they are shown. In future those same children will come up with ideas that they were shown as kids producing unnecessary ideas. As viewers we deserve better work and drama is a great mode of directing our people to positive and entertaining side of life.

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