Top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan

Top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan for online shoppers

Pakistan’s E-commerce industry is on its all-time high flight. The current projections suggest the industry would grow past $1 billion marks by 2020. However, as the industry is growing manifold, the competition within is also rising with new stores launched each day. Although a growing number of e-commerce stores is boosting the competition, it is highly in favor of customers as they can get a variety of products to choose from. This brings us to the list of most satisfying online shopping sites which Pakistani consumers love to use when buying online. So, here we have compiled a list of top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan that offer the best products & services.

No doubt about that, stands above all. Daraz has been the key player in making and flourishing the online shopping trend in Pakistan. Launched in 2012, daraz broke all the records of popularity with each passing year and is now at the top spot. It offers a huge collection of products to its clients. Currently, the store has about 1 million products in its catalog, making it the largest ever in Pakistan. In 2018 was acquired by Ali Baba, one of the biggest E-commerce companies in the world. surely is the number spot for Pakistani’s to shop online. Let’s how it goes in the coming years.

Unlike Daraz, the first e-commerce company in Pakistan, is a late entrant but has made quite a respect among online shoppers. The store was launched in 2015 and ever since it has continued to grow. The online shopping giant has a pretty wide assortment of products. The store claims to offer everything under the sun. However, the main categories remain men & women fashion, baby & kids accessories. also offers beauty and personal care products, electronics & home appliances, mobile phones & accessories, laptop & other gadgets. offers online shopping in Pakistan with cash on delivery.  Local prepayment methods, like Jazz Cash, EasyPaisa and Debit/Credit payments are also accepted. Have a shopping experience @ Let us know about it in the comments section.

One of the top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan is The company is known for quality products and best online customer services. Although the stock available at this e-commerce store can shake your finances a little, still the store is making a fair bit of profit and seems to be a good option for online shoppers. The store offers products from fashion, beauty, grooming and personal care, gadgets, mobiles, tablets & other products of daily use. is a TCS owned e-commerce company which gives it a fair edge over its competitors. However, it cannot get as much success as the upper ones in satisfying their visitors to spend their money with them. The online shopping store offers a wide array of products to visitors with express fast cash on delivery. Yavo is also known for creating a buzz online with its content marketing strategies on special eves like Black Friday.

As the name of HomeShopping suggest the aim of this online shopping store is to offer consumers a huge collection of the product right at the comfort of their home. The company has a massive trust of online shoppers and is continuously growing in terms of yearly sales. The expansion plan of in Bangladesh, Nepal and other closely geo-located countries is underway. Let’s see how the expansion plan of HomeShopping works after capturing a fair bit of Pakistani E-commerce industries margin.

This among the top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan is mostly known for its high-quality gadgets & electronic products. The most number of items sold by this e-commerce giant are mobile phones, PC games, laptops, tablets & other electronic products. However, the store also offers fashion, beauty, personal care, and other daily life use products. is a new online shopping store but surely has made its way among top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan. Although the product range is pretty contained as the store only offer 30000 listed products, still, the quality of products is pretty good which is enabling it to steer its growth further. is also like other e-commerce stores a marketplace; however, the product range is pretty different than other stores, which sell a kind of similar products. is another great e-commerce store with a wide range of products. The store has been offering its services from quite a time now. At one time it was seen moving upward the ranks at a very fast speed but now the speed seems to have slowed down. Still, the store shares quite a market share and shoppers interest are still with the store, let’s see how is the future for this store among our list of top 10 online shopping stores in Pakistan.

If you are a techie and know about CMS platforms, you would absolutely be stunned by the growth this shopping platform has made even with about to obsolete CMS OpenCart. The store attracts a fairly large audience from search engines. The famous product categories include fashion, beauty, technology, healthcare, grooming, gadgets & other stuff. surely deserves a place among the top 10 online shopping sites in Pakistan.

After the success in being departmental industry, ChaseValueCentre is testing its luck in the online shopping landscape of Pakistan. The store literally offers everything under the sun except for groceries. However, in terms of client satisfaction that it is delivering the store definitely deserves to be in the top 10 online shopping stores of Pakistan.

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