Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians in the world 2016

Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians in the world 2016

For every country politicians perform a vital role and they play a crucial role in growth of the nation. In the world there are many politicians who are efficient, broad-minded, talented and capable for using authorities legally so their country rise up very fast. Their activities and performances can observe on television, social media and other networking channels. Their all activities and latest updating present in the news due to their strong position in their respective countries. Here in this article we introduce Top 10 Most Powerful Politicians in the world 2016 with you, they are most powerful politicians and they are responsible for every crisis of their state and overcome this crisis. They play massive role for the development of their country.  Here are names of the most powerful politicians that are collected according to their impressive performances.

10 – Dilma Vana Rousseff- Brazil:

Dilma Vana Rousseff is the president of Brazil, she is the 36th president of her country, she performed her duties as a successful leader and economist, as a politician her services for her nation is appreciable, serving her nation in a very effective way. She faced and experienced some very tough times at the very start of her career. She has faced prison for few years in her career but she never stopped her action in forward direction. She rebuilt her personality after releasing from the prison.  Some positive roles are being played her when she took the oath on 2011 for the president of Brazil.

Dilma Vana Rousseff- Brazil

9 – Narendra Modi- India:

Narendra Modi is serving his nation as the Prime Minister of his country, he is the former Chief Minister of his country.  Narendra Modi is one of the most powerful politicians in the word and he emerged as revolutionary for the Indian Government, but some indecent acts of Modi made his position so controversial in tabloids, serving as PM to the nation. After becoming the 14th PM of India, he has also been working very hard to make his nation corruption free and developed country in the world. He has recently approved a project regarding construction for Hydrogen bombs. Not only this he has been playing very strong role in the development of his country, so many other progressive projects are launching which will surely tag his India’s name in the list of well-developed nations in the future.

Narendra Modi- India

8 – Hillary Clinton-The United States:

Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton is the 67th Secretary of The United States under the presidency of Barack Obama. People supported her a lot and made her way to the election of the presidential authority. Hillary married with Bill Clinton who was the US President from 1993 to 2001, she became the first lady of the nation during the presidency era of the Bill Clinton. She appeared for few months as the state women of United States in the result of a successful campaign.

Hillary Clinton-The United States

7 – Angela Merkel-Germany:

Angela Merkel is the German politician, she is the former research scientist. She remained on the 7th position in the top most powerful politicians in the world. She has performed major role for the progress of her country and worked as a chancellor in 2005. Angela became the 1st stateswomen of Germany and then Angela knocked to be a part of politics in 1989s Revolution. In 1990 Angela Merkel was appointed to be the 1st deputy spokesperson of East German Government. During the 90s era she was elected for the most senior post. In the growth of Germany she struggles day and night. She got victory in 2013 in the federal elections.

Angela Merkel

6 – David Cameron-United Kingdom:

David William Donald Cameron is one of the most popular senior politicians, worked hard to create kindly and most friendly relationships with other states to create respectable United Kingdom all around the world. His brilliant vision made his country so strong.  David Cameron was known as the senior person of the party of the conservative.  David Cameron made his personality in the United Kingdom and that is the reason behind his utmost success.

David Cameron-United Kingdom

5 – Xi Jinping- China:

Xi Jinping is the president of Republic of China, he has served as a responsible citizen of his states. In 5 November 2012 he was appointed as a president of China. The public of China became satisfied with the performance of Xi Jinping as a president. He made China an icon of the world. China is most developed country of the world in the present era, Xi Jinping developed a friendly relationship with the other nations who have been praised China all the time.

Xi Jinping- China

4 – Manuel Valls- Spain:

Manuel Valls is a French politician, he is very broad-minded and talented and considered among the strong politicians in the world. He has done admirable operations for the development and growth of his country after took the charged of Prime Minister of the France. Manuel Valls is considered one of the best politicians of the present era. The credit of France’s growth and development goes to him because he displayed very responsive result to the nations. The people of France believed that their selection for the post of the Prime Minister for Manuel was the perfect decision. Manuel Valls is hard working, confident and trustworthy person for his homeland and deserves the best place in the world.

Manuel Valls

3 – Vladimir Putin- Russia:

Everyone knows about the supremacy of Vladimir Putin, he is the Russian President, and he ranks him to be the great and best among the nations in the world. He has become the second and the fourth president of his country due to his great and very attractive duties or the development of the Russia. On 22 May 2012, Vladimir Putin took the charge of the President of Russia, he played a massive role and made his country Dominant. Putin is famous for his daring speeches as well as for his firm stand to the world. Vladimir has played great roles in the development of Russia. He became the president of Russia two times, in 1999 to 2000 and 2008 to 2012.

Vladimir Putin- Russia

2 – Imran Khan-Pakistan:

Imran Khan from Pakistan is one of the strongest politicians in the world, Imran Khan has shown his great powers in the current government for about last 2 years who carried out the protest. He struggles for change the system of the government and country. Under Imran Khan’s captaincy Pakistan won the Cricket World 1992. Imran Khan wants to change the corrupt system and he work hard for his nation. Imran Khan changed the youth thinking and the system of Pakistan. In coming years may be Imran Khan made Prime Minister of Pakistan and he could maintain better sovereignty system. The former cricketer and politician Imran Khan faced many controversies about his personal life, but his struggle for change the system is increasing day by day. Imran Khan is in the list of Powerful Politicians in the world.

Imran Khan-Pakistan

1 – Barack Obama- The United States:

The President of US Barack Obama is the strongest politician in the world. He got too many powers in the presidency of The United Sates. Barack Obama has made too many revolutionary changes in the world with his great mind and new emerging ideas. When America was facing the tough time as Economic crisis he appeared as the revolutionary person. He was very successful in front of his nation. He managed all the economic gaps in the best manner and made his country more powerful among the other countries. Barack Obama became the powerful politician in the world with his struggles and strategies. Barack Obama is considered nice man who turned his country in a more bright way.

Barack Obama- The United States

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