Top branded wrist watches of the world
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Top Branded Wrist Watches of the World

Top Branded Wrist Watches of the world

Time is precious and once it passed no one can regain it. This era is very modern and every one having fast moving life. Their fashion changes with time to time. The purpose to have the wrist watch is to follow the time.  People like to have top branded wrist watches of the world. Branded wrist watches are in fashion and every fashion loving person love to worn it. Men and women both like the wrist watches, their selection for the wrist watches changes according to the fashion. Branded wrist watches give you a style and present you as a stylish person. These brands are so expensive but most demanding brands. Here is presenting Top Branded wrist watches of the world.

Titan Wrist Watches

Titan is the number one brand and most demanding Wrist watches all over the world. Titan is launched in 1984 it is joint venture “The Tata Group” and the “Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation”. Titan becomes the leading company of the wrist watches. This company is the successful company in India. 150 million watches sold by the company every year. This company becomes the fifth largest manufacturer of the wrist watches brand in the world. Titan wrist watches are very stylish, decent and charming. Titan has the variety that matches with the personality. Titan has launched a brand of jewellery, “Tanishq”. Tanishq is the India’s fastest growing and most trusted jewellery brand. Titan Company also launched some newest range of accessories like frames. Contac lenses and lenses and also the other casual use of things like wallets, bags, belts and perfumes. The Titan Company provides the latest things according to the present time. They know the new trends of the world they know that how to give the best brand to the brand loving person.

stylish and charming titan wrist watch

Quartz Wrist Watches

On July 1967 the 1st Quartz wrist watch of the world had been created. Quartz is one of the standard brands and has the quality. It is the well named brand of the world. Quartz watches are the crystal oscillator. The strategy of this company is to provide develop electronic wrist watches.  The design of the Quartz crystal was given by Suwa Seikosha. This design is changes from time to time according to the choice of customers. The Quartz wrist watches are reliable, flexible and charming and it attracts the brands loving personalities. Quartz provides the both collection that is men and women.

Quartz standard and quality brand

Guess Wrist Watches

The Guess is one of the recognized brands of the world. This brand of wrist watches provides the quality and standard watches. The Guess wrist watches industry was launched in 1984. This company captured the new ideas and give the unique and charming watches for brand conscious love ones. This company is also the well known company of the wrist watch.  These watches are not too much expensive. The Guess is in the list of the famous and standard wrist watches provider.

Guess wrist watch unique and charming

Weide Wrist Watches

Weide watches are in the best combination of simplicity and as well as complicated. These watches are made according to the demand of the customers. Weide Company has modern complete technology that it made that the need of the watch lover. Weide wrist watches are in the list of the branded wrist watches of the world. These wrist watches are inexpensive and stylish that gives the good looks. This company provides multi kinds of wrist watches. Most of the people consider that the Weide wrist watches are complicated. Brands loving person like the weide wrist watches due to its unique design and look.

Weide Wrist Watches combination of simple and complicated watches

Calvin Klein Wrist Watches

The Calvin Klein is one of the best brands of the quality wrist watches provider. This is the famous company that gives the watches as our demand. The wrist watch of this company is always attractive and stylish. This brand is the symbol of quality provider brand of the world. These watches are simple, decent and also luxury. All types are available that make your personality more graceful and attractive. Calvin Klein wrist watches company getting ranked in the increasing order to the world’s top wrist watches brands.

Calvin Klein Wrist Watches attractive and quality demand brand

Rolex Wrist Watches

Rolex is the famous brand of wrist watches of the world. This brand is the well known and demanding brand of the watches. This company was established by Hans Wilsdrof in 1919, Geneva, Switzerland. The Rolex is the private company owned by Hans Wilsdrof Foundation. The Rolex wrist watches are the waterproof wrist watches. This is why this brand is popular brand among the list of the branded wrist watches of the world. In Rolex both collection are available. The men and women both can increase their hands beauty by having stylish and charming wrist watches.

Waterproof amazing Rolex wrist watches

Omega Wrist Watches

Omega is the famous and most reliable brand in the list of the top branded of the world. This Louis Brandt was established omega in 1848. The omega wrist watches has some specialty due to that specialty omega is likely all over the world. Omega was the first watch that was worn on the moon. Omega is the excellent and precious brand that own strong reputation. Omega Company is working on the quality base. They never compromise with their standard. Their standard work is continued to build the quality watches for their brand loving fans. Omega watches are certified with the Chronometer. Omega brand is providing watches for both genders. Omega has the wide range of watches for the personalities who love the fashion that changes from time to time.

Omega chronometer wide range wrist watches

Casio Wrist Watches

Casio is the brand that launched the digital and analog concept in wrist watches. In 1974 Casio Company has established.  Casio Company is the well known and famous Company of the world. It provides the waterproof watches that you can easily move in the water to worn it. Casio wrist watches have many special features in it as its date and month automatically changes. In Casio brand you have much variety of watches. Casio is one of the most popular and largely liked by the people through all over the world. Casio provides stylish, unique and decent wrist watches.

Digital and Analog Casio wrist watches

Hublot Wrist Watches

Carlo Crocco created Hublot watches in 1980. Hublot become famous and popular brand worldwide. The uniqueness of this wrist watch is its natural black colour. First Hublot watch was the natural black rubber bracelet that amazes the people and attracted them towards it. The natural black created the sensation among the people about this watch. Its impressive and different look amaze made it unique from other brands.  Hublot has the limited series but it has the variety of dials that give the decent and charming look. This brand has the value in the market more than any other brand. The other special quality that made it more famous and demanding is that this watch is the official watch for “FIFA World Cup”. This watch Company is launching the wrist watches for men and women as stylish and impressive The rank of Hublot wrist watches in the list of the world top watches, its ranking is increasing through its quality work and standard.

impressive natural black Hublot wrist watches

IWC- International Watch Company

IWC- International Watch Company was established in 1868 by Florentine Ariosto Jones. This Company is also the famous brand of the wrist watch. This Company launches the unique and quality watches for men and women.  Their creation is changes from the fashion. They provide the charming and stylish wrist watches. They work according to the wish of the customer. They are very careful about the costumer’s choice. These impressive and fabulous watches increase the grace of the personality.

Charming, stylish and decent IWC


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