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“Khaane ka taluq sirf khane say hai” I say this because I have a love for food & can’t stop my taste buds from eating whenever there’s an opportunity. With this love of eating, I have experienced too much food.

But people are catious of where to dine & where not, so I’ve some experiences to share with not so foodies (no offenses :P).

In recent times, food portals like Foodpanda & SalamPlanet’s deals have become popular & I had to use these. I guess now we are at points, reading below you will find reviews of some of top food deals portals.


Without any doubt, foodpanda has changed how we used to order food. Some would call it first mover advantage, I call it business.

Talking strictly about food deals, foodpanda has tons of restaurants, and deals served by these are just countless.

Taste kesa hai bhai?

Now we are getting serious, although this greatly depends on the restaurants, generally taste is very good.

Get your diary out & note some of these tips I have for you!

  • Read Reviews
  • Explore the menu
  • Don’t order only discounted items

Salamplanet’s deals:

One thing I love about this app is that, I can do everything from this single app. There food deals section is also actually pretty cool.

You have deals from all top restaurants like Subway, Dunkin Dounts, Gloria Jeans Dera there are others too.

What I like about them is that they deals from very top brass of restaurants, so you don’t have to worry about hygiene and quality. Khud check kar lo yaar food deals are good!

Taste ki bat karo bas?

I know I know taste is important for you guys, i find no reason to doubt it because, the restaurants that offer deals on this app are top ones, so I don’t think you will ever have to complain about this, I was never disappointed


This new entrant has come a long way already. I would have rated them above SalamPlanet, but it’s the brass of restaurants that are available there.

Cheetay however, is getting a serious threat for these two apps.

I had ordered food from it 2 3 times and was very happy with the taste, before you start scolding me for not talking about it.

Discount kesa tha ye kn btaye ga?

Yaaar, I was talking about it, you could get up to 70% off from different restaurants.


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